Why Cabinets from Discount Kitchens are Great for Families

//Why Cabinets from Discount Kitchens are Great for Families

Why Cabinets from Discount Kitchens are Great for Families

When you start a family, you start needing to consider every new addition to your home. Will it be family friendly? Will it stand up to kids and cater to their needs? When you decide it’s time to update your kitchen, Discount Kitchens is happy to inform you that our products are great for families. What is it about our cabinets that makes them so? Let’s take a look!

Soft Closing

When you’ve got small children, they tend to want to explore everything. That’s why childproofing is necessary. After all, you’ve got to keep them safe from their curiosity. However, there’s an age that’s kind of a grey area. When a child is old enough to know they shouldn’t touch the things under the sink, they’ll still slam cupboard doors and drawers. Smashed fingers may come with this, but the clamor itself is enough to drive a parent crazy.

We’re sure you’ll be pleased to know that all of the cabinets we assemble and sell are fitted with soft-close technology. That means that even when your little one swings the door shut carelessly, it will close quietly. This is great for keeping small fingers safe, extending the lifetime of your cabinets, and keeping your sanity intact.

Durable Build

Even without the use of soft-close technology, The cabinets we sell at Discount Kitchens are durable. We go above and beyond industry standards to bring you cabinets that will last for years to come. The combination of wood groove, glue, and screws that we use in assembly ensure cabinets stay together.

When you have kids, especially older ones, sturdy cabinets are a must. From kicking the backs while swinging their legs at the breakfast bar to teens sitting on the counter, they need to hold up. With the Canadian-made quality of our cabinets, we can assure you they’ll be ready for anything your kids can throw at them.


Not only are our cabinets durable and high quality, they’re also affordable. Kids can be pricey, especially young ones. So, while you’re budgeting around your kids’ needs, you won’t have to stress about your new cabinets. A kitchen can be furnished entirely with our stylish cabinets for as cheap as $1500. That’s a fantastic deal for what amounts to the bulk of a remodel.

Storage Drawers

A small perk to buying Discount Kitchens is that our selection of cabinets feature a variety of drawer styles. Why is this important? Having sizeable storage drawers can be great for families with small kids. Implementing drawers as storage space can mean accessibility for young ones. Snacks can be gotten independently. Storing plastic cups down low means children tall enough to reach will be able to get themselves water. The possibilities are endless!

If you have questions about the products we have to offer or how to order, contact us. You can also come to our showroom in Toronto and take a look at whats available. After all, seeing things in person can make a huge difference.

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