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Cheap Premade Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

Discount Kitchens Vs Home Depot Kitchen CabinetsIf you live in Toronto and are looking to replace your cabinets or remodel your kitchen, Discount Kitchens is just the place to go. We’re a one-stop shop for premade kitchen cabinets. Our prices are low without skimping on quality!

What Makes Discount Kitchens Unique?

Not only do we deliver quality without overcharging, we do it all without our customers having to wait. We sell a large variety of premade cabinets so you don’t have to sit around, waiting for assembly, before you can have them installed in your kitchen!

In addition to speed, there’s another big benefit to premade cabinets. You can see exactly what you’re paying for before you buy. No more surprises because the color isn’t what was expected and no more misconception on how big the drawers are. You can see them all before they’re installed, that way you can be really sure that they’re the cabinets that belong in your dream kitchen

Come down to our Toronto showroom and take a look around. We have many different cabinets displayed there for our customers to choose from. Not only is seeing them in person a great way to be sure what you’re getting, our staff will gladly assist! Any questions or concerns you have will be taken in stride..

Are Premade Cabinets as Good As Made to Order?

Absolutely! Our premade cabinets are made with the same quality and care as those made to order. They’re still 100% Canadian made with our customer satisfaction being our number one priority. The assembly process is the same as if you ordered something more customized.

What Makes Our Cabinets High Quality?

Discount Kitchens prides ourselves on the sturdiness our cabinets offer. But what is it that gives our cabinets their sturdiness?

  • Our cabinets are assembled using three different methods: grooves, glue, and screws. They’re long-lasting and durable
  • Base cabinets are reinforced with L brackets
  • All of Discount Kitchens’ cabinets are wrapped in thermal foil to keep them from fading or getting discolored
  • Our cabinets are fitted with soft-close and self-close technology. This keeps drawers and doors from sitting open and from slamming when closed

Contact Us!

If you have questions about our premade cabinets, please let us know! We’d love to provide answers to your questions and concerns so that you can make an informed decision.

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    We embarked on a whole home reno in June and one of the first things we did was to order our cabinets for two separate kitchens. Delivery was to be scheduled out several months. Measurements were done by me even before demolition. Adam provided a rendering of the kitchens and a detailed measurement that was easy for me to follow. When the installation day final arrived, the cabinets were ready and I experienced no ugly mistakes. The cabinets are great value and look great. Adam, Connie and all the staff were terrific. We looked long and wide at the many suppliers and we are very happy to have purchased from Discount Kitchen. I’d say that you can feel confident that you will be happy with them as well.

    thumb Steve Giovanelli
    February 16, 2021

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