Creative Uses for Kitchen Drawers

//Creative Uses for Kitchen Drawers

Creative Uses for Kitchen Drawers

Most people think about kitchen drawers and their mind goes straight to silverware and spatulas. Here at Discount Kitchens, we’ve had our share of time to consider alternative uses for kitchen drawers. We’re about to let you in on some creative ways to organize with them!

Canned Goods

People get so used to shoving canned food onto a shelf that they haven’t realized they can store them in drawers. Some drawers come with just enough depth to stand up cans inside. This is a great method for storage. It allows you to open the drawer and pick from any of the cans without moving half of them first.

If you’ve got a more shallow drawer or don’t buy a huge amount of canned goods, you can also lay them down. Laying the cans down allows you to see their labels without picking them up. This is even better than standing them up if you have the space to spare.

Dish Storage

That’s right! Drawers can even be used for dish storage. People seem to store their dishes on shelves for a number of reasons, most commonly due to tradition. That’s just how most people grew up doing it. However, storing dishes in drawers can be better for a number of reasons.

  • They’re easier to reach. Younger kids can help set the table if they can reach the dishes better.
  • They’re less likely to break. Being in a drawer closer to the floor, a dropped plate is less likely to shatter than if it slips from someone’s grip near an upper shelf.
  • They’re easier to pick up and put away. The human body is much more adept at lifting things from lower rather than from above the head. Moving a whole stack of plates from storage to the table is a much easier task when they’re being pulled from a drawer. Plus, closing the drawer with your hands full is much easier than closing a cupboard would be. You can just use your hip.
  • Drawers can be lined with non slip sheets. These rubber sheets will keep plates and bowls from sliding along the bottom of the drawer. This keeps them from knocking into each other and from scraping up the drawer.

Snack Storage

Drawers can make really great snack storage for households with small children. Putting easy-to-grab snacks in a low drawer will make snack time a breeze. It allows your children the independence of picking out a snack and getting it from the drawer all by themselves. This makes your job easier as well. It’s one less trip to the kitchen you have to make during your busy day. Speaking of busy, you’ll be glad to know our cabinets can be ordered premade so that you don’t have to wait for assembly!

This also keeps large, half empty boxes front wasting regular cupboard space and makes it easy to see when you’re running out of snacks. An easier time planning your next store trip is in everyone’s favor.

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