What You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Oven

//What You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Oven

What You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Oven

If you’re planning on replacing your oven sometime soon, there are actually some things you should know first. Discount Kitchens is here with some helpful information that might make shopping for a new oven a bit easier.

Think of Appearance

If you value your kitchen looking nice, don’t forget to consider how your new oven will look with the rest of the kitchen interior. For instance, if you have colorfully-painted cabinets or a wood grain with a red color to it, stainless steel might not look great. A black oven would fit much better. However, for pale-colored, light wood grain, or white cabinets, a white oven would look nice as well.

There’s also the matter of style. If your kitchen is aiming modern or contemporary, going with a gas or flat-top electric stove would fit in best. Moreover, a country kitchen with a more antique appearance would suit other styles. Consider an electric stove with spiral burners, a gas stove, or even a wood stove – if that’s something that appeals to you.

There are even colorful ovens that will stand out in all the right ways. If you have black cabinetry and a true blue as an accent color, imagine the pop of color that a deep blue oven would be.

Oven Space Between Cabinets

On a more functional level, you absolutely can’t forget to measure the space between your counters. One of the most common mistakes you can make when replacing your oven is making your choice without regard to the size. People choose their new oven all the time by going with what looks best, only to find it’s too big or leaves an awkwardly large gap. Your counters and cabinets are made to fit a certain width of oven. Neglecting to check how big of a space is available to you can end in disaster. Imagine your new oven arriving and then being half an inch too wide. Now that’s what we call tragic!

Replacing Cabinets as Well

The downside is, many houses – old ones especially – were built to accommodate narrower ovens. Newer designs are frequently much wider, giving people a lot more room to cook. If your dream oven has a bit more stovetop space and can easily fit three pies on one oven rack, you might want to consider replacing your cabinets as well.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a great way to take matters into your own hands. You can decide exactly how much space you want dedicated to your new oven. Plus, everyone loves some new cabinets.

A Complete Renovation

Furthermore, if you replace your cabinets, you’re opening the door to a complete kitchen renovation. Have you ever considered that cabinets make up 90% of your kitchen interior? If you’re replacing them, you may as well put in a little more money to buy some new flooring and a coat of paint as well. It’s an affordable choice when you’re buying from Discount Kitchens. You can outfit an entire kitchen with our quality cabinetry for as little as $1500. With all those updates, you can infuse your kitchen with all your own tastes, making it truly your own. If you run into trouble on your quest to improve your kitchen, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help however we can.

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