Kitchen Backsplashes That Match Your Cabinets

//Kitchen Backsplashes That Match Your Cabinets

Kitchen Backsplashes That Match Your Cabinets

Looking to breathe some life into your kitchen design? A new backsplash might be just what you need. Kitchen backsplashes can be a great opportunity for adding color or texture to your kitchen’s interior design. The question is, how can you match kitchen backsplashes to your cabinets? Here are some tips to make your kitchen design more cohesive and beautiful.

Metallic and Textured

One of the first ways you can match your backsplash to your kitchen cabinets is by matching the color choice with the cabinet hardware. This may seem like too subtle of a match to make a difference, but it’s actually very effective. If you have, for example, white cabinets with brushed steel knobs on them, choosing a kind of brushed steel color for your backsplash is a great choice. Even if the backsplash, itself, is not metal, getting a similar color will tie it to your cabinet hardware.

For this example, choosing a backsplash of small sheet tiles in a light grey color would look really great and also provide a sense of texture that larger tiles will not.

True Contemporary

If you’re looking for a contemporary backsplash – something that will match dark-colored or black cabinets, we have just the thing. Mixing different shades in greyscale is a true nod to contemporary design. Even better is adding in a focus color.

Consider some somewhat small, brick-shaped tiles in various shades of grey. The less extreme the shade difference, the softer the appearance. If you’d like to provide a focus color, like blue, you’ll want to go about this tentatively. Don’t choose something stark and saturated. Instead, for one of your grey tile choices, get something that’s more of a slate grey, with slight blue tones to it. Mixed with the other shades, it will add a slight color dimension without looking gaudy and bright.

If you want to increase the tie between your cabinets and focus color, consider how you could decorate your cabinets. Hanging something with notable blue tones from one of the knobs might be nice. Or, if you have cabinets with windows in them, display dishes or earthenware with a blue scheme.


Backsplashes are not always about making color or pattern statements. Their true purpose is to make the walls easy to wipe down in case of spills or splatters. Because paint can be damaged from too much wiping down, tiles and such have become quite popular for lining the walls behind the counter and stove.

If you enjoy having a minimalist interior, a backsplash can end up being “too much” in terms of design. However, there are options for minimalist kitchen backsplashes that won’t draw too much attention.

Consider a thin slab of marble or plain, white brick-shaped tiles with the grout scraped smooth. Both of these refrain from adding unwanted dimension from grout divots as well as providing a simple design. If you don’t prefer stone or if you want something sturdier than marble, Solid Surface is a fantastic alternative. It’s hardy, customizable, and comes in any color – or lack thereof – that you want.

Cabinet Alterations

If you’re finding that your cabinets just don’t line up with what you’re envisioning with your kitchen backsplash, change them. Nothing is worse than forcing yourself to live with interior design that you hate. Check out our guide to painting your kitchen cabinets or consider buying new ones altogether. When you rely on Discount Kitchens, replacements are affordable, durable, and last for ages. Give us a call if you have any questions about our products.

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