Get to Know Kitchen Design Like a Professional: Part 2

//Get to Know Kitchen Design Like a Professional: Part 2

Get to Know Kitchen Design Like a Professional: Part 2

In our last installment of Get to Know Kitchen Design Like a Professional, we talked about colors and tone. In this one, we’ll use our new knowledge of how tone works to discuss accents and what they mean for your kitchen.

Color Balance

If you’re serious about interior design and are looking for a kitchen interior that looks professionally done, you’ll need to know about color balance. When decorating a space with different colors, even if the colors match, you’re looking for a good balance. This isn’t just in quantity, it’s also in location.

For example, if you have black cabinets and are looking to have a warm interior, you might go for gold and red as accent colors. Rather than picking out only red for a set of towels you’ll keep out, get some red and some gold. You can layer them, tying the two colors together. Keep your accent colors somewhat spread out so that they don’t overwhelm one part of the kitchen. 

Lastly, try not to overdue it on red and gold. The main color in your kitchen should always be something close to the cabinet color or the color/material of your appliances. These are the colors that take up most of the kitchen’s palette. If you go too hard on accents, the accents and what should be the primary color in your palette will begin to war with each other, throwing off the balance.

Cozy Versus Sleek

The next thing to figure out is what kind of vibe you’re going for. What that means is, when people walk into your kitchen, do you want them to feel cozy and at home, or do you want them to feel like they’re stepping into luxury? Maybe you want both at once?

Knowing what kind of decor has which effect is an important thing to note when deciding what you want to put on your kitchen walls and counters.


If you want to have a cozy and inviting vibe in your kitchen, consider these when decorating:

  • Flowers and other plants. Keeping little planters in the windowsill or a vase of flowers on the island is a great way to make a kitchen inviting. These fresh, lively plants bring life to the kitchen and feel very human in that they take a caring touch to stay alive.
  • Cookie, flour, and sugar jars. These jars are not only convenient, they, like plants, remind guests that this is a lived in space meant for nourishing.
  • A drink station. Having a visible and accessible place to make coffee or tea, all in one place, will feel very inviting to guests.
  • Colorful artwork or photos. Putting up framed prints on your kitchen walls that feature your accent colors will add something artistic without feeling uninviting.


If you’re interested in a more sleek kitchen design, try these:

  • Sculptures or statues are artistic and tend to look expensive, even if they aren’t. Buy up a new sculpture or statue to place on your island and you’ll be achieving the luxurious look before you know it.
  • A wine rack is a great way to make your kitchen look refined and sleek. You don’t have to outfit it with aged bottles that cost more than your car either. Buy a small counter or wall rack and stock it with affordable favorites.
  • Visible countertop appliances make things feel more expensive. You might already have some. While a Kitchenaid mixer is a little on the expensive side, if you already have one, clean it up nicely and leave it on the counter, out of the way. Other high quality appliances have the same effect if they’re clean and not crowded.

If you’re ready to take your new knowledge of vibe and color balance to the next step, check out Get to Know Kitchen Design Like a Professional: Part 3. If you have any questions, give us a call!

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