Why You Should Install a Kitchen Island

//Why You Should Install a Kitchen Island

Why You Should Install a Kitchen Island

While kitchen islands aren’t for everyone, Discount Kitchens is here today to see if they might be for you. There are a lot of reasons why one might install a kitchen island. We want to go over some of those reasons and see how many of them apply to you. In the end, you might realize you’ve really been missing out! So, without further ado, here are some reasons to get a kitchen island.

Wasted Space

For those with a particularly small kitchen, an island probably isn’t the right choice. However, there’s a surprisingly high number of us who have pretty sizeable kitchens with nothing in the middle. If you’re not hurting for space, why not put an island there? As it is, that empty space in the middle of your kitchen is being completely wasted. 

More Counter Space

If you were to fill that space with an island, you could raise your counter space by upwards of 50%. If you enjoy cooking and have appliances you like to keep on the counter, this is invaluable space. As it is, any chopping, cutting, mixing, and preparing that you do has to be done somewhere between the sink and the microwave. This might not be a big deal if all you eat is cereal and instant meals, but for those who cook from scratch, we need all the counter space we can get.

Cooking with a View

If you’re planning to redo your kitchen entirely, you can do away with the stove and oven combo. Get yourself an oven that can be built into the cabinetry. This gives you the freedom to put your stovetop on your new island.

Ever get tired of staring at a wall while you cook yourself eggs in the morning? With your stove at your island, you can face the dining area or living room instead. This makes it easy to chat with people while you cook, improving the whole cooking experience.

Breakfast Bar

Depending on the shape and size of your new island, you might even be able to use it as a breakfast bar. Allowing some of the counter to overhang and adding some stools can change your entire view on breakfast. 

If you have kids, this makes it easier to serve and clean up. After all, their eating space is right there next to where you cooked. Just lean over, wipe up any messes, take their dirty dishes, and wish them a good day at school.

If you don’t have kids, a bar can be for more than just breakfast. When you have friends over for dinner, they can crack open a beer and join you where you’re cooking. With that island stovetop, chatting with those at the bar is easy as pie.

Make it Affordable

If your last “but” is about the price, we have some good news for you. At Discount Kitchens we don’t inflate our prices. All of our cabinets are affordable and built to last. You can replace all of the cabinets in your kitchen for as little as $1500.

So, give yourself a little quality of life update and make your kitchen more functional. Give us a call if you have questions about our products and we’ll be happy to help. Or, check out our showroom where you can pick out your cabinets cash and carry whenever you’re ready.

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