Why Updating Kitchen Appliances Before Moving Is Important

//Why Updating Kitchen Appliances Before Moving Is Important

Why Updating Kitchen Appliances Before Moving Is Important

If you’re planning to move soon, Discount Kitchens has a huge piece of advice: update your kitchen appliances! If you’re unsure why that’s necessary, you’re in for a surprise. There are actually many good and proven reasons why updating kitchen appliances before moving is a great financial decision. Let’s see what some of them are.

It Improves Appeal

One of the biggest struggles of selling your house is getting people to take interest in the first place. Part of that is that real estate listings can only mention things relevant to a buyer’s needs. You may feel that your home has a lot to offer, but your opinions on your home are biased from your own happy memories.

So, when real estate listings are made, they include the facts. Is there a school nearby? Does the neighborhood have kids in it? How big is the property? One of the ways real estate listings can be made enticing is by including recent developments or frills. One such example is by stating that the house has all new kitchen appliances. When home buyers are surrounded by mediocre options filled with outdated appliances, that stands out a lot, bringing more potential buyers to the house.

Your Home Sells Faster

There are two reasons updating kitchen appliances makes your home sell faster. The first is due to the higher influx of home viewers. A good real estate listing will bring in more people to check out the house, which raises the odds of one finding it to be a great fit for them. The second reason is that, those who do come to look at your house will be more satisfied with what they find. Everyone loves to see an updated kitchen full of shiny new appliances.

It Improves Home Value

The next reason why updating kitchen appliances before moving is such a great decision is that it improves your home value. Homes are always worth more put-together than the individual parts they’re built with. That’s a huge factor in this point. Let’s assume you would have to spend about $5,000 to replace your oven, fridge, and dishwasher. That $5,000 investment could increase your home value by $10,000-$30,000. That means you’re making a profit off of taking the time to upgrade. Spend a couple thousand more dollars to replace the cabinets as well and you could be looking at an even higher increase.

You may be wondering why people are willing to pay so much more for appliances that didn’t cost nearly as much. The answer is simple: people ascribe a certain value to a home based on how it looks and feels. The actual effort it takes to make a home feel nicer is not even close to the equivalent market value. Someone could theoretically buy a house with outdated appliances and then replace them all themselves to save money. But, that would involve settling for a house that, during the buying process, looks older and less satisfactory. People trust what they see more than potential – even if the potential is realistic.

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