Why Soft Close Technology is the Future of Cabinetry

//Why Soft Close Technology is the Future of Cabinetry

Why Soft Close Technology is the Future of Cabinetry

There are a lot of things that affect the sales of cabinetry. However, we at Discount Kitchens firmly believe that the one thing that will outlast the others is soft close technology. Why is soft close technology the future of cabinetry? Let’s break down the facts.

The History of Cabinetry

Over the years, cabinetry has changed and developed to suit the needs of buyers everywhere. We’ve developed some truly unique ways to store things. It all started with regular cupboards. The original cupboards were simple boards – shelving – that dishes were stacked on. Over time, it became convenient to close these shelves off to avoid pests and dust getting on dishes. These days, cabinets can contain a lot more than just shelves. We’ve also got drawers that roll out, small compartments that tilt out, and the lazy Susan, for making corners easy to access.

Current Advancements

Current changes in cabinetry are almost always limited to design changes. With each new decade comes a new standard in kitchen design. Every company that offers kitchen cabinetry may update their products to match these design standards. However, there will always be people that prefer older styles or want something unique. You can’t win over customers solely on design options because every company worth their salt will have the current decade’s standard in stock. That’s why companies have to rely on more than design. They have to rely on advancements in convenience. That’s where soft close technology comes in.

What is Soft Close Technology?

Soft close technology is something we at Discount Kitchens have installed in every one of our cabinetry sets available for purchase. This technology allows drawers and cabinet doors to shut quietly and completely. If you push a door closed a little too hard or a little too soft, soft close technology will ensure there’s no slam and no partially open cabinet door. It gets you exactly what you wanted, even with our propensity for human error in closing things.

This technology allows working in a kitchen to be much easier. Additionally, without the chaos of cupboards and drawers being left ajar or loudly closed over and over again, things calm down. A calmer environment for cooking is a more enjoyable experience, no matter who you are.

The Future of Cabinetry

No matter how many cabinet designs come in and out of fashion, being able to enjoy soft close technology will never lose its appeal. That’s why advancements in convenience are much more lasting than changes in design trends.

If you’d like to order cabinets outfitted with the convenient and calming appeal of soft close technology, Discount Kitchens is the place to be. Check out our cabinets in person at our Toronto showroom. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or ask us in person upon your visit. We look forward to helping you with your order!

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