What Is High Gloss Cabinetry?

//What Is High Gloss Cabinetry?

What Is High Gloss Cabinetry?

There are many different types of cabinetry. Cabinetry comes in different colors, shapes, designs, and finishes. Today, we at Discount Kitchens want to shine a light on high gloss cabinetry. What is it? What benefits does it come with? Why should you consider it when shopping for your kitchen renovation? Let’s take a look.

What Is High Gloss Cabinetry?

High gloss cabinetry is cabinetry coated in a layer of glossy finish. This finish is usually made of a type of laminate coating that can come in any color desired. The most common, perhaps unsurprisingly, are black and white. A high gloss finish looks great in grayscale tones.

The type of finish seen in most kitchens is somewhere in the middle of the glossiness spectrum. However, if you go to one end or the other, you get high gloss versus matte. For some people, matte finish is the best. It’s subdued and soft-looking. High gloss, on the other hand, has a very hard appearance. It looks amazing in kitchens with modern appliances and equally glossy surfaces in other places. A great example of this is stone countertops. If you’ve got a shiny, marble countertop, white, high gloss cabinetry would fit with it perfectly.

Benefits of High Gloss Cabinetry

High gloss cabinetry doesn’t just look amazing; it also comes with some fabulous benefits. First, there’s the clean appearance. The brighter and more noticeable something is, the easier it is to see when it’s dirty. That means it’s easy to see when high gloss cabinets need a wipe-down. And, once they’ve been wiped down, they look extremely clean, boosting the overall hygienic appearance of your kitchen.

The second benefit of high gloss cabinetry is the increase in light spread. When surfaces are reflective, they encourage light to reflect around the room. That means a kitchen with high gloss cabinetry is a brighter, more welcoming kitchen. Plus, more light means it’s easier to see what you’re doing, which is helpful when cooking.

Design Styles That Go Great with High Gloss Cabinetry

High gloss cabinetry fits into a few design styles better than others. The first is dark and sleek contemporary. If you’ve ever seen a kitchen full of black appliances, quartz countertops, and an aura of futuristic charm, you’ve seen the perfect environment for glossy, black or grey cabinets.

But, this isn’t the only type of contemporary kitchen that high gloss fits into. Contemporary comes in many flavors, and one of those flavors is the more classic contemporary. This means lots of white, accents of black, and lots of glass. High gloss, white cabinets in a kitchen like this would look fantastic. They’re clean-cut, beautiful, and provide the perfect backdrop for decor.

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