What are the Day to Day Benefits of Soft Close Technology?

//What are the Day to Day Benefits of Soft Close Technology?

What are the Day to Day Benefits of Soft Close Technology?

If you know Discount Kitchens, you know we have soft close technology on all of our cabinetry. However, you might be wondering just how that will help you on a day to day basis. Why does soft close technology matter? Is it a buzzword meant to pad the benefits of buying from us? The answer is, soft close technology really will effect your day to day use of your kitchen. Here’s how soft close technology can improve your day!

Glorious Silence

The first thing that changes is obvious to most. Your day to day kitchen goings will be much quieter. You may not realize how much noise your cabinets make currently, but you will now. The next time you go into the kitchen to get something to eat, try to pay attention to the noise your cabinets make without changing your behavior to be gentler. It will be difficult, now that you’re thinking of it.

Every time you open and close a cabinet, the door smacks shut against the cabinet frame. Every time you open and close the silverware drawer, the drawer bangs shut against the frame, rattling all of the utensils in the drawer in the process.

Soft close technology is primarily targeted at silencing this process. Imagine the simple process of making a sandwich, the only noise being your plate getting set on the counter and the crinkle of the bread bag. Everything else is quiet and peaceful.

This change in noise levels may seem unimportant. After all, you’re used to it by now. However, it truly does matter. Loud noises, even ones you’re accustomed to, can increase stress levels. Plus, even if you’re not worried about that, it makes the household quieter. If you live with other people, they’ll be sure to appreciate the quiet while you cook yourself something to eat – especially if it’s early in the morning or late at night.

Safety and Hygiene

An unexpected benefit of soft close technology is the improvement in safety and hygiene. You may be wondering how on Earth those things are effected by quietly-closing drawers and cabinets. There are two primary ways in which these things are effected.

  1. Pests have a harder time reaching food. While nobody wants to think they’re at risk of a pest problem, the truth is, bugs get into our houses all the time. Mice may be less of a risk, but the risk is even lower with soft close technology. Because cabinet doors and drawers will always fall completely shut, not sitting ajar, they’re less accessible to pests.
  2. Drawers remain cleaner. Have you ever noticed how your cabinet drawers, if placed under a counter, always end up full of crumbs, dirt, and hair? This is a pretty universal problem, unless you’re religious about shutting drawers immediately. Even then, we shed hair onto any surface below us and drawers are no exception.
    Because soft close technology doesn’t allow drawers to sit ajar, the crumbs and such from the counter are less likely to find their way inside. The crumbs from your sandwich bread will either remain on the counter to be wiped up, or fall to the floor to be swept up. There will be no crumb refuge in the silverware drawer – not anymore.

Get Soft Close Technology Today

Give us a call or come check out our showroom in Toronto. Our cabinets are available cash and carry, which means you can buy and take them home as soon as you like. Ready for a kitchen remodel? Do it right with Discount Kitchens.

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