The Best Way to Store Small Things in Your Kitchen

//The Best Way to Store Small Things in Your Kitchen

The Best Way to Store Small Things in Your Kitchen

If you want to keep your kitchen looking its best, the most important thing to do is organize. How do you organize effectively? There are a number of things involved, but we’re going to focus on one of the problem areas people seem to have: spices. Spices and other small things tend to be hard to organize. Discount Kitchens is here today to give some pointers on how best to store small things in your kitchen.


The problem with so many people’s approach to organization is that they don’t take later accessibility into consideration. Everything may look nice when you’re done but, if it was difficult to put your spices where they were when you were done organizing, imagine how you’ll feel after baking. Your storage technique needs to take ease and accessibility into account. Otherwise, you’ll either avoid cooking or avoid the cleanup afterwards. Neither of those is a good option. So, what are the easiest, most accessible methods of storing spices? Let’s break it down.

Avoid Cupboards

A lot of people try to store their spices on cupboard shelves by stacking them or lining them up. This is a horrible way to store spices for a number of reasons. Even if you get them looking nice, they won’t stay that way. Trying to read labels when they’re stacked and lined up beside other things is impossible. When you cook, you’ll have to pull them all out one at a time trying to find what you’re looking for. That means the price of finding one spice or seasoning may be restacking the entire collection. Plus, even when you aren’t using spices, they’re liable to get knocked over, causing a mess in the cupboard.

Countertop Rack

One of the most effective storage methods is the countertop rack. One that spins and comes with its own jars is preferable. This allows you to store seasonings and spices in uniform jars and then keep them somewhere they won’t fall over. They’re also easy to look through like this. Simply labeling the lids of the jars – assuming they aren’t already labeled – means you can quickly see what they are as you rotate the rack.

Cooking is as simple as rotating your spice rack, picking out what you need, using it, and slipping it back into its spot. The uniform jars keep your counter from looking cluttered and the rack can easily be stored in a corner of the counter. That keeps them from getting in the way of dinner prep while still being easy to reach.

Pantry Rack

There are also racks you can buy for your pantry. These little wire racks can be mounted on an inside wall in your pantry without cluttering up the pantry shelves. These racks are slightly less accessible than countertop racks but still allow easy searching when needed. The benefit of these racks is that they don’t clutter up your counter.


The other great way to store spices and such is in drawers. While drawers can easily become cluttered if you’re not careful, they allow accessibility without cluttering up the counter. Storing spices label-up in a drawer makes them easy to grab while cooking. Discount kitchens offers a number of drawer sizes in our affordable kitchen cabinets.

No matter how you decide to store your spices, you can still benefit from new cabinets from Discount Kitchens. Half the battle is having enough space to organize in. If you want to know more about our products, take a look around our site or give us a call.

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