Storage Cabinets for University and Commercial Labs

//Storage Cabinets for University and Commercial Labs

Storage Cabinets for University and Commercial Labs

Lab spaces are so under catered-to, but are some of the most vital spaces in any community. They’re used for researching health solutions, inventing new products, safety testing, teaching, and so much more. Plus, they’re everywhere! People may not realize how many labs are in their community, but we know the truth! So, we want to ensure every lab has what they need – one of the most vital parts to any lab: storage. Adequate storage is so important when you work with such a large amount of equipment and materials each day. Storage cabinets for university and commercial labs alike are best bought from Discount Kitchens. Here’s why.

High Quality Assembly

Affordable cabinets are sold in many locations. However, for most stores, affordable means cutting corners. The word “cheap” takes on a different meaning. For us, affordable means not overcharging for our products. Discount Kitchens prides itself on its high quality cabinet assembly. When you buy our cabinets for your labs, you can trust that they’ll last.

High quality assembly isn’t just assembling them by hand, it’s assembling them with skill. Unlike competitors, our cabinets aren’t put together with cheap staples or weak nails. We use a combination of wood grooves, screws, and glue. This ensures our cabinets stand up to the test of time. If any method proves to be the weakest link, it will be backed up by the other two.

A Variety of Styles

Cabinetry isn’t always purely about practicality. If you need lab storage cabinets, you should be able to get some that look nice and match your lab setting. Fortunately, Discount Kitchens offers a variety of styles to match any kind of interior. For example, you could get high gloss, black cabinetry, standard grey, or matte white. Combine our different colors, finished, and styles to get just the look you need.

Quiet, Soft Close Technology

One thing every lab needs is focus and cohesion. With many people working and studying together in one space, loud noises are unwelcome. The distraction of slamming cupboards and drawers can be avoided by shopping Discount Kitchens for your lab storage cabinets. That’s because we employ soft close technology when crafting our cabinets.

What is soft close technology? Put simply, our cabinet drawers and doors shut completely and with minimal noise. As they approach closed, the doors and drawers slow down, then close completely. This results in quieter cabinet use and fewer cabinets and drawers left ajar. Therefore, the lab stays quieter, even when you can’t find that one tool you need.

In addition to quieter use, this feature is important for a lab because it keeps cabinet contents safe and clean. Drawers left ajar are prone to gathering crumbs and substances from the counter above. Ensuring they stay closed means nothing is contaminated by accident.

Buy Them Same-Day

One of the best parts about Discount Kitchens’ cabinets is that you can buy them same-day, cash and carry. Simply drop by our showroom, find the cabinets you like, and take them straight to the lab with you. This is great for keeping a space functional during renovations as it minimizes the lab down-time. Just give us a call if you have questions about our stock, or drop on by and see for yourself.

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