Smart Design Tricks for the Petite Kitchen

//Smart Design Tricks for the Petite Kitchen

Smart Design Tricks for the Petite Kitchen

Small kitchens are common in Toronto homes and apartments. But just because square footage is limited doesn’t mean your kitchen functionality has to be. With some clever small kitchen ideas, you can maximize every inch of your petite culinary space this fall. 

Optimize Storage

Use every inch of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling shelving to house small appliances and pantry essentials. Install narrow pull-out spice racks, tiered cabinets, and stackable storage containers. Hang a magnetic knife strip and pot rack to clear precious counter space. Maximize under-cabinet potential with rollout shelves and bins. Follow these small kitchen ideas to make the most of your space.

Play with Levels  

Incorporate different surface heights to double your usable space. Try a bistro bar area for casual dining using lower counters and stools. Build up an island with an elevated counter for extra prep space. Add a step stool to reach high wall cabinets. Varying levels keeps the space visually interesting too.

Love Lighting

Brighten up a small kitchen with ample lighting sources like pendant lights over the island and under cabinet lighting. strategic track lighting illuminates prep zones and adds warmth. Place mirrors strategically to reflect light and give the illusion of a larger room.

Multi-purpose Furniture 

Seek furnishings that tackle multiple duties at once. An island with seating and storage doubles as a dining area and counter space. Choose a drop-leaf table to tuck against the wall when not in use. Try fold-down work tables or rolling carts for flexible prep areas.

Pick Compact Appliances

Look for apartment-sized appliances scaled appropriately for tight spaces. Slim dishwashers, mini fridges, narrow stove ranges, and microwave drawers fit better in petite kitchens. Don’t overlook single-serve small appliances like mini choppers and compact air fryers.

Keep Clutter at Bay

Maintain strict organization and limit kitchen clutter to avoid a messy, cramped feeling. Use trays and baskets to corral loose items. Store bulky appliances you rarely use to open up daily workspace. Have a donation box ready for any unused gadgets.

Stick to Light Colors

Light, airy colors like white, light gray and pale yellow can make small kitchens appear more open and spacious. Glossy finishes and backsplashes also reflect light around. Just be sure to clean often to keep the bright space looking its best. 

Focus on Functionality

Prioritize ergonomics and efficiency in your layout. Keep necessities like the fridge, stove, and sink within easy reach. Allow ample room to open doors and drawers fully without blocking anything. Minimal décor also prevents clutter from taking over.

Applying these smart design ideas lets you transform your petite Toronto kitchen into a highly functional culinary oasis this fall. Maximizing every possible inch while keeping the look uncluttered and light. With clever storage solutions and multi-tasking furnishings, you can make even the smallest kitchen space shine.

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