Should I Replace Kitchen Cabinets or Repair Them?

//Should I Replace Kitchen Cabinets or Repair Them?

Should I Replace Kitchen Cabinets or Repair Them?

When you’ve got a set of old kitchen cabinets that have seen better days, the question of what to do about them may come up. Should you replace kitchen cabinets that have accumulated a lot of wear and tear? Or, is it better to repair old kitchen cabinets instead? Let’s take a look at what factors should be considered and which option is right for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Replacing kitchen cabinets can feel to many people like a complete kitchen remodel. That’s because our cabinets make up the bulk of our kitchen furnishings. However, a kitchen remodel would likely come with new appliances, flooring, paint, backsplash, and more. Replacing your cabinets can give you the feeling of having renovated without nearly as big of a price tag.

If you had to guess how much it costs to replace all of your cabinetry, what would you guess? Many people would guess somewhere between $5,000-$15,000, but actually, you can replace your cabinets through Discount Kitchens for as little as $1,500. The exact price will be determined by the style of cabinetry, how big your kitchen is, and if you decide to pursue further work, like flooring replacement. However, for most homeowners, cabinet replacement fits pretty neatly into any existing home improvement budget – or not far outside of it.

The key to getting these prices is visiting us at Discount Kitchens. If you look for cabinets of the same design, with lower quality, from big name brands, you’re likely to pay 2 or 3 times as much. Not only will you pay more, the cabinets you receive will break down faster and offer an inferior experience.

How Do You Repair Old Kitchen Cabinets?

You can replace kitchen cabinets for an affordable price with help from Discount Kitchens. However, not everyone can afford replacements, even when they’re lower priced than the competition. If your kitchen cabinets need some TLC, you might be able to just repair them.

If you’re up for the challenge of DIY kitchen cabinet repair, check out our guide.

The Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Repair

While kitchen cabinet repair is possible, there are some things it just can’t do, short of replacing every part of the cabinets and effectively rebuilding them.

If you repair your kitchen cabinets with affordable methods, they:

  • Will be limited in appearance to something painted or papered. You won’t be able to achieve a fancy high gloss look with affordable DIY.
  • May have visible “scarring” so to speak. If old screw holes are patched, you very well may see those patches even through a new coat of paint. The result will look a bit worn, even if you put a lot of TLC into them.
  • Might still have weak points that can’t be fixed with repair. If your shelving is warped or your cabinets have water damage, the only way to fix that is to replace parts of them or cover the damage without actually fixing it.
  • Won’t feel new. Even with good DIY skills, repaired cabinets will not have a new feel to them. They will maintain their old smell, they may still creak or groan under pressure, and your repairs will wear out faster than the cabinets did when they were new.

Kitchen Cabinets That Are Right for You

If you need help deciding which choice is best for you, come visit our Toronto showroom and see what we have to offer. Seeing what you could have might make the decision easier. For some people, a set of DIY cabinets offer character that suits their interior design. For others, a new set of glossy shaker cabinets are much more in touch with their style.

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