Rustic Chic: Farmhouse Style on a Budget

//Rustic Chic: Farmhouse Style on a Budget

Rustic Chic: Farmhouse Style on a Budget

As leaves start falling in Toronto, you may feel inspired to give your home a cozy, rustic refresh. Farmhouse décor is the perfect way to embrace fall, but piecing together the casual chic look can strain your budget. You can curate charming farmhouse vibes with the right choices without breaking the bank. Follow these modern kitchen design tips to decorate your space with rustic farmhouse style on a budget this autumn!

Pick Timeless Neutrals

Aim for a neutral color palette of white and light wood tones as a budget-friendly base. Creamy white cabinets feel bright and expansive, while natural wood finishes lend warmth. Accent with black for modern contrast like matte black lamp bases and hardware. Choose durable, affordable fabrics like linen, cotton, jute, or faux sheepskin in neutrals like stone, tan, oatmeal, and denim blue. Adding beautiful new cabinets at a discount is just one way to achieve modern kitchen design without breaking the bank.

Use Nature’s Bounty

This season, bring the outdoors inside by foraging fallen pinecones, colorful leaves, acorns, and apples. Cluster collected finds in cheap thrift store bowls and dishes like sun-faded pottery or dented metal buckets on your dining table or mantle. Weave fallen branches into textured wreaths and garlands for doors and walls. Pick up maple leaves on an afternoon walk and float in a glass vase for free décor. Choose cabinets in natural wood tones.

Try Mason Jar Crafts

Upcycle mason jars from summer canning into charming farmhouse accessories. Clean jars become rustic lanterns with tea lights or twinkle lights. Paint and stencil numbers on jars to label storage bins. Arrange wildflowers and create candleholders using jar lids and rope. Cluster jars across shelves as charming collections. Even tie jars to string lights for whimsical ambience. 

Showcase Vintage Family Heirlooms 

Pass down or repurpose any antique kitchenware, farm tools, or personal treasures on open cabinets to proudly display family history. Mount an old washboard or retro sign above the couch. Turn great grandma’s chipped mixing bowls into a decorative catchall. Showcase classic books or your grandmother’s quilted blanket in the living room. The imperfections and dents of well-loved heirlooms add cozy appeal. 

Add Pops of Fall Color

Punch up neutrals with rich autumnal accent colors like burnt orange, olive green, plum, and mustard yellow. Be original with bright kitchen cabinets. Choose pumpkins in fun fall shades for tabletop décor. Toss on wool blankets in autumnal hues. Display dried floral wreaths or swag garlands using seasonal flowers, leaves, berries and fruits. Let your accessories shine in jewel tones against creamy backdrops.

Contact Discount Kitchens Today

With clever sourcing of natural elements, beautiful cabinets, and inherited gems, you can curate cozy farmhouse charm this fall in Toronto without overspending. Embrace imperfection and lean into DIY projects to maximize your budget. Focus on timeless neutrals with festive fall accents sprinkled throughout. Get ready to fall head-over-heels for farmhouse style! Contact us today for your kitchen needs at an affordable price. 

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