Replace Worn Out Cafe Kitchen Cabinets with Discount Kitchens

//Replace Worn Out Cafe Kitchen Cabinets with Discount Kitchens

Replace Worn Out Cafe Kitchen Cabinets with Discount Kitchens

Owning a cafe means opening and closing a lot of cabinets throughout the day. These vital fixtures in any food or drink establishment harbor the ingredients to many delicious orders. However, constant use comes with a cost. If wear and tear has left you in need of some new cabinets, Discount Kitchens can help. Here’s how we make it easy to replace worn out cafe kitchen cabinets.

Attractive Cafe Kitchen Cabinets

First and foremost, when you replace worn out cafe kitchen cabinets, you want something that looks great. When you buy from Discount Kitchens, you’ll get attractive cabinetry that fits right in. We offer a variety of designs and styles so you can choose a look that’s right for your existing interior. Grey scale tones and wood grain, matte finish or high gloss, we have what you need.

Quiet Design

An extremely underappreciated part of modern cabinet design is how quiet it is. This is especially true with regard to Discount Kitchens’ soft close technology. Our doors and drawers are designed to shut silently and completely. No need to worry about drawers getting left a couple inches open. Give them a good push closed – there’s no longer a risk of slamming it shut by accident. The drawer will slow down before fully closing. This change in volume will impact the noise and commotion of daily kitchen work more than you think.

Durably Built

Too often, modern cabinets are made with extremely cheap parts and fall apart within a year or two. Discount Kitchens is more in favor of quality over quantity. We want our customers to buy cabinets that last because their satisfaction is what makes us thrive.

Therefore, our cabinets are made with quality materials and assembled to last. While competitors with less integrity use cheap staples to hold things together, we rely on screws, wood grooves, and glue. Every cabinet is only as strong as its weakest link. Well, we have 3! Together, these components keep our cabinetry in great shape for many years. They’re more than ready to withstand the daily wear and tear of replacing worn out cafe kitchen cabinets.

Locally Made

If you’re a fan of locally made products, you’ll be tickled to hear that our cabinets are made right here in Canada. We don’t bulk produce cabinets and then ship them from overseas. Not only is this better for the economy, it’s also better for your cabinets. Cheaper, overseas production means cutting corners and using poor materials. Furthermore, shipping anything large overseas is a great way for products to sustain damage.

Get Them Immediately

Perhaps the best part of buying from Discount Kitchens is the ability to get your cabinets immediately. Most companies have a 6-week wait period after ordering. They use this time to build and ship your cabinets from overseas. You don’t have to wait on us. Instead, come down to our showroom, find some cabinets you can see in person, and leave with them the same day. We offer cash and carry cabinets and you can take home the exact set you fell in love with. That means no unfortunate surprises and no wait times.

Call us today if you have questions about our cabinets or how to buy them.

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