Repairing Squeaky Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

//Repairing Squeaky Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Repairing Squeaky Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Is there anything worse than opening a cabinet door only to have the hinges screech at you? Fortunately, repairing squeaky kitchen cabinet hinges isn’t actually that hard. Discount Kitchens is happy to help you get your kitchen cabinets back under control. So, here are some options for getting those hinges to quiet down.

Oil Squeaky Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

The reason squeaky kitchen cabinet hinges squeak in the first place is simply the noise of pieces rubbing together. When the metal parts of the hinge are dry, they grind together, creating a high-pitched, unpleasant noise. This is easy to remedy with a little oil. 

There are 4 ways you can go about oiling your cabinet hinges:

  • The easiest way to oil hinges is by buying a pressurized can of oil from a hardware store. This can be used on any kind of door hinge. This spray can will have a narrow straw to attach to it to allow precision application.
  • Without buying a can, you can also use cooking oils to oil hinges. The first way to apply this oil is to use a syringe and needle to inject oil into the hinges. This, of course, relies on you having a syringe and needle on hand. If you’re diabetic, you may be in luck, since this is the easiest way to apply cooking oils. Simply draw up some olive or vegetable oil and carefully apply it between the parts.
  • The next way to apply cooking oil is by taking apart the hinges and rubbing an oil-coated paper towel along the parts. Especially be sure to coat the rod that holds the parts together.
  • Lastly, you can simply rub an oil-coated paper towel along the outside of the hinges. However, this is messier and less likely to successfully quell your squeaking problem.

Replace Old Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

If your cabinet hinges are on the older side, it might be a better solution to simply replace them. Repairing squeaky kitchen cabinet hinges is only worth the effort if the cause of the squeaking is purely lack of lubrication. Sometimes, the problem rests with the hinges being old and worn out. If this is the case, there could be an uneven distribution of pressure. That will lead to oil being scraped through faster than expected and the return of annoying squeaking.

Buy New Kitchen Cabinets

If your frustration with your squeaky kitchen cabinet hinges is only the tip of the iceberg, you may need to look at the bigger problem. Is your frustration really about the squeaky cabinet doors? Or, is it actually at the overall state of your kitchen?

Buy Discount Kitchens in Toronto

If you’re tired of your worn out kitchen cabinets, you can replace them for an affordable price at Discount Kitchens. We don’t slack on quality just because we aren’t overcharging either. So, you can rest assured that your new kitchen cabinets will be sturdy, beautiful, and, best of all, quiet.

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