Refined Antique Kitchen Cabinet Designs

//Refined Antique Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Refined Antique Kitchen Cabinet Designs

When it’s time to update your kitchen, knowing where to get everything you need can be a challenge. Most people default to their local hardware store. However, the small ones often don’t have what you need, and the big box hardware stores frequently offer low quality products. If you’re in the market for something that looks refined, such as antique kitchen cabinet designs, you can’t buy from just anywhere. Here’s how Discount Kitchens can help.

Buy a Classic Wood Finish

The first thing you need when outfitting a kitchen with antique kitchen cabinet designs is a real wood finish. Many cabinets these days are glossy or matte-coated and not at all suited for a more refined kitchen design. When shopping with Discount Kitchens, you can choose from different wood finishes, getting the right color for your home. A rich brown is great for most antique kitchens.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Panels

The thing that makes Discount Kitchens’ antique kitchen cabinet designs such a great choice is the ability to buy them with glass panels. Glass paneling, while relatively new in practice, alludes to designs such as china cabinets seen in the late victorian era. 

Victorian china cabinets were incredibly popular for displaying beautiful dishes and china pieces that one would want to proudly display without risk of damage. The same principle can be applied to modern kitchens. By buying kitchen cabinets with glass panels, you can show off beautiful, antique china and other such dishes. Plus, you can do so without removing them from the safety of their cabinets. This is a huge plus for teacup collectors, those with special platters that are stored most of the time, or even those of us who just like to see the neat stacks of dishes in our cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets That Last

The really awesome thing about buying Discount Kitchens is that our cabinets are built to last. You can buy legitimate, antique cabinets for that antique feel to your kitchen. However with genuine antiques comes a lower quality. Aging does bring down the quality of a piece of furniture – especially those made of wood. Buying something that mimics that feeling while remaining strong and durable is a much better choice for the long-term.

Discount Kitchens’ cabinets aren’t just better than old cabinets, they’re superior even to many modern cabinet designs. Because we assemble our cabinets right here in Canada, with Canadian parts, there’s no risk of customers receiving shoddy craftsmanship or parts that were made by cutting corners. The pieces are assembled using many different methods, meaning they can stand up to the test of time.

Plus, you won’t find soft-close technology in old, antique cabinets. Thats where antique kitchen cabinet designs come out on top. You get the look of old cabinets with the feel of new ones.

Buy Any Time

Discount Kitchens sells cabinets cash and carry. That means you can buy your cabinets and take them home the same day. So, whenever you’re ready to begin your kitchen renovations, we’ll be here and waiting. Call us if you have any questions about our cabinets and we’ll be happy to help.

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