Prepare Your Basement for Subletting with an Affordable Kitchenette

//Prepare Your Basement for Subletting with an Affordable Kitchenette

Prepare Your Basement for Subletting with an Affordable Kitchenette

Renovating a basement into an apartment is a great way to use up some wasted space and earn a few bucks. However, many basements are lacking some of the vital features of an apartment. Most importantly, they’re usually missing a kitchen. Fortunately, Discount Kitchens is here to help. You can prepare your basement for subletting with ease by counting on us to provide an affordable kitchenette.

Basement Apartment Needs

A basement apartment needs a kitchenette so that your tenant can, well, eat. In many homes with basement apartments, tenants are allowed to come upstairs and use the main kitchen. However, if you intend to make your basement apartment a separate space entirely, it will need a proper kitchenette for preparing food and doing dishes. With an affordable kitchenette in your new sublet, you can lock or block off the stairway into the main house and put an exterior entrance instead. No need to share your kitchen with a stranger.

Features of a Great Kitchenette

Any good kitchenette will feature these things:

  • Ample storage space
  • A sink
  • Space for a stove top
  • Space for a fridge

Cabinetry from Discount Kitchens comes with all of the above. Our cabinets have plenty of under-counter storage space with adjustable shelving. We also have drawer segments. These can be kept strictly under the countertop, or stacked with a cabinet up to the ceiling. The latter type of drawer space works well as a side border for a full-sized fridge or freezer – like a bookend. Or, if you’re more inclined, you could opt for an under-counter mini fridge instead. 

Varying Sizes and Styles

All of the above features, of course, will be impacted by how big of a kitchenette you buy. Our cabinets come in varying sizes and styles. You could get a kitchenette 4 doors wide, or you could get enough cabinetry to wrap around a corner of the room – nearly a full kitchen. The more cabinetry you buy, the more storage space available to tenants. Additionally, if you’re considering mounted cabinets, you might want to reconsider. Getting the same number of cabinets, all at floor-level, means more counter space. This is vital for food prep and providing enough space for small appliances like a coffee pot or dish rack.

High Quality Construction

Discount Kitchens may offer affordable cabinetry, but we don’t cut corners. In fact, the big name brands that everyone is familiar with are more likely to do so, because they can rely on their reputation and get away with it. At Discount Kitchens, we believe in quality over quantity. Our cabinetry is made of high quality materials, right here in Canada. They’re assembled with a combination of wood groove, glue, and screws, so you know they’re not coming apart.

Available Immediately

One of the best parts of buying from us is skipping that 6-week wait period all the big stores make you endure after ordering. Our cabinets are all available immediately and can be bought cash and carry from our showroom. You can leave the same day with the exact cabinets you fell in love with.

Come down to our showroom if you want to see our cabinets up close, or give us a call first if you have questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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