Mirrored Walls: Yay or Nay? The Truth About This Trendy Decor

//Mirrored Walls: Yay or Nay? The Truth About This Trendy Decor

Mirrored Walls: Yay or Nay? The Truth About This Trendy Decor

Mirrored walls have been popping up in modern homes and even on reality TV shows, capturing attention with their flashy, glamorous look. While the reflective surface makes a bold decorative statement, is this trendy choice right for your home? Read on to learn the truth about mirrored walls and why you just may want to buy them from your local kitchen supply or home decor stores this winter.

Visually Expand Small Spaces

One of the most practical advantages of mirrored walls is their ability to make a room feel larger. The reflective surface gives the illusion of depth and space beyond the physical wall. It bounces light around the room, making even dark corners brighter. For small apartments, hallways or bathrooms, mirrored walls can instantly make the area more open and expansive. And finding the right mirrored walls for your home is as easy as going to your local home decor stores or kitchen store. 

Increase Natural Light

Mirrored walls maximize whatever natural light is available in a room. Just like actual windows, they let light penetrate deeper into an interior space. Sunbeams bouncing off the mirrored surface illuminate every nook and cranny. This extra brightness is especially welcome in naturally dark spaces that lack windows and during dreary winter months when sunlight is limited. 

The unique appearance of mirrored walls brings a glamorous, ethereal vibe to any room. Their reflective quality seems to blur hard edges and boundaries. When used behind beds, dining tables or seating areas, mirrored walls generate a soothing infiniteness. Lit candles and draped fabrics enhance the magical quality. It’s ideal for creating a romantic or relaxing aesthetic.

Provide Endless Eye-Candy

From displaying your favorite art pieces to refracting fairy lights, mirrored walls offer endless decorating possibilities for dynamic visual interest. Hang a stunning painting or wall sculpture in front of the mirror to double its impact. Drape tapestries or fabrics to soften the reflective expanse. Outline the mirror’s edges with LED strips or sconces for an infinity mirror effect when lit. 

Simulate Bigger Windows

For rooms starved of exterior views, mirrored walls bring similar benefits as large windows. They reflect and amplify whatever lies outside the existing windows to make you feel more connected to the outdoors. The mirrored surface mimics the transparent, light-filled sensation of floor-to-ceiling glass. It satisfies the desire for expanded views without pricey construction.

Provide Endless Photo Backdrops

Mirrored walls create an instantly glamorous backdrop for outfit selfies and family photos. Photo possibilities are multiplied, with the mirror doubling subjects and repeating patterns into an artistic infinity reflection. The luminous lookpairs perfectly with the reflective quality of Christmas tree ornaments and lights. 

Add Modern Edge 

Nothing jazzes up a dated room quite like a bold mirrored wall installation. Mirrored walls lend contemporary edge to tired architecture and decor. They feel futuristic and cutting-edge. Mirrored walls complement mid-century, art deco and other sleek, minimalist styles. Use them to freshen up a space without renovating.

This winter, embrace the light-enhancing radiance of mirrored walls to combat dreariness and expand your space. Display them proudly as the modern, head-turning showstopper they are meant to be.

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