Maximize House Flipping Profits with Cheap Cabinets

//Maximize House Flipping Profits with Cheap Cabinets

Maximize House Flipping Profits with Cheap Cabinets

So, you’ specialize in house flipping and are looking to find ways you can maximize your profits. Real estate agents will be able to sniff out low-quality fixtures effortlessly. So, how do you put in less money while making the most on your investment? You need to find someone to buy fixtures from that are just as good as leading brands without the massive price tag.

Discount Kitchens

If you’re in Toronto or the GTA, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in Discount Kitchens. Discount Kitchens has quality cabinets for cheaper than comparable brands sell theirs for. That makes us a huge asset for house flippers. What is it that makes us the better choice? Let’s break it down.


For one thing, our cabinets are the same quality as leading brands. All of our cabinets are completely Canadian-made. They’re fitted with metal brackets to keep joints strong and are assembled with a combination of three different adhesion methods. That means each piece is put together with a combination of wooden dowels, glue, and then screws. Because our cabinets are assembled with such a focus on being long-lasting, you get a lot out of what you pay.

Convenient to Buy

House flipping can be kind of a waiting game. Because renovations involve ordering so many new fixtures as well doing so much work, it takes a while. Fortunately, with the help of Discount Kitchens, you can make things go a little faster. That’s because Discount Kitchens offers its cabinets cash and carry. You don’t have to wait for assembly or shipping. All of our cabinets are assembled in-store and can be bought and taken home on the same day.

Time is money and, as a house flipper, you don’t want to wait three weeks for a big box store to ship out your cabinets. Not only is it a huge waste of time, the cabinets can be damaged during shipping, show up looking different than you expected, or even be delayed due to holiday shipping speeds and the like. When you buy from Discount Kitchens, you see exactly what you’re getting and can guarantee they’re handled carefully during transport.

Reasonable Prices

One of the biggest differences between Discount Kitchens and other brands is that we don’t overcharge. We know that keeping our prices reasonable will bring in more customers. After all, who doesn’t like a better price on quality products?

You can outfit an entire kitchen with Discount Kitchen cabinets for as little as $1500. That’s a fantastic deal for what makes up the bulk of a kitchen’s functionality. Our cabinets are rigid-built, strong, and all cabinet doors are thermal foil wrapped, meaning they won’t fade or wear out like regular cabinet doors.

If you want to see our products up close, come visit us at our Toronto showroom. If you find something you like, you can buy immediately and take home exactly the cabinets you fell in love with. Give us a call if you have any questions about us or our products.

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