Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets That Beat High Gloss

//Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets That Beat High Gloss

Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets That Beat High Gloss

If you have any opinions regarding interior design, as most people do, you probably have an opinion on matte and high gloss finishes. However, shelf your existing opinions for a moment while we offer you some considerations. Let’s talk about some of the reasons matte black cabinetry might just be better than high gloss.

Softer Appearance

Matte finishes are slowly coming into the mainstream. However, people are somewhat hesitant about them. Matte finishes are unusual and go against the much more common glossy finishes we’re used to. However, it comes with some benefits of its own.

For example, matte finishes offer a softer appearance. If you want your home to feel cozy and inviting, matte black kitchen cabinets will achieve that for you. The softness of matte black kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen feel inviting and safe. Corners look less sharp, surfaces look and feel more soft, and the entire energy of your kitchen shifts toward gentle.

Masculine Energy

What you may not have considered about matte black kitchen cabinets is their somewhat masculine energy. High gloss finish puts on a performance for people. It yells strength and assertion. Matte black does none of that. It just is. Black is a foundational color. It carries the strength of every other color in one, and it does it with dignity. These cabinets project confidence and strength without having to shout about it.

Better for Light-Sensitive People

If we step back from visual design, we can take a moment to consider practical design. The trend of glossy finishes has had a negative impact on those of us with light sensitivities. Glossy finishes reflect light around a room and create glare. Matte finishes don’t. So, if you’re prone to headaches, migraines, or strained eyes, you can stand to gain something from matte black kitchen cabinets.

To start, the color black absorbs light. This is why, when you go outside in the summer with a black t-shirt on, you get hot faster than if you’re wearing white. Black attracts and absorbs energy while white reflects it. Glossy surfaces reflect light while matte doesn’t. Combine the absorption powers of matte finishes and the color black and you get cabinetry that reduces light and glare in your kitchen. For those of us who prefer our homes to be a bit on the dimmer side, this is a huge plus.

Even if you keep the blinds up and let the morning sun in, your cabinets will gracefully absorb that light instead of redirecting it into your eyes. That means you can light up your kitchen without all of that light going directly back to your face. For those who get frequent migraines or who have sensitive eyes, this will improve your quality of life.

Slower to Get Dirty

Finally, matte black kitchen cabinets are slower to get dirty. This may sound fake, but it’s true! Have you ever noticed how, the more glossy your appliances are, the more your fingerprints show up on them? That’s because, the harder and more glossy the surface, the closer the molecules are to each other, and the more surface area there is to pull oils from your fingers. A matte finish isn’t as compact on a molecular level, meaning you can open and close your cabinets for a lot longer before oily fingerprints will show up on them.

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