Matching Your Cabinets to the Rest of Your Interior

//Matching Your Cabinets to the Rest of Your Interior

Matching Your Cabinets to the Rest of Your Interior

Buying new cabinets isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you don’t want something exactly like you had before, that means matching your cabinets to your current interior. On top of figuring that out, you also have to determine where you can buy what you need. The good news is, if you live in Toronto, Discount Kitchens is bound to have what you need for an affordable price.


Color says a lot about who you are and what kind of aesthetic you’re going for. That’s why it’s important to get cabinetry that’s colored in a way that suits your home. If you have a more rustic interior, buying black cabinets wouldn’t work at all. You would want to aim for some shade of brown. Black is a more modern color. Black cabinetry fits in with a sleek interior, especially one with black or stainless steel appliances.


Color isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to matching your cabinets to your interior. The design is also important. A boxy design looks more blunt and contemporary, whereas shaker cabinets make less of a statement. You can even get different statements from your design based on what color you pair it with.

How about glass-paneled cabinetry in black? That’s quite a statement. It combines a modern element with something much more traditional. This is fantastic for a home looking to do something unique. The glass paneling also allows you to show off hand-crafted dishes, pottery, or artwork.


You might think color and design are all there is to picking y our cabinets, but there’s a final touch that matters too. Choosing your finish makes all the difference. Going with a matte black can make black cabinetry blend in well with more aged interiors. However, getting black cabinetry with a high gloss finish will make it undoubtedly current.


Exploring the way different combinations of color, design, and finish can really give you a lot to work with. You might find something unusual that really suits your interior design sense. Or, you might just come to the conclusion that simple is best. Every person has their own opinions on design and on what it takes to make their cabinets match what they already have.

Toronto Showroom

If you want to get an idea of what Discount Kitchens has to offer, you can opt to visit our showroom in Toronto. Seeing our products in person can really make things simpler. After all, it’s much easier to tell what you like and don’t like when it’s right in front of you. Not to mention, because we have cash and carry products, if you find just the thing, you can take it home with you right away. Why wait?

If you have questions about the products we have to offer at Discount Kitchens, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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