Make Dinner Preparation a Breeze with Proper Cabinets

//Make Dinner Preparation a Breeze with Proper Cabinets

Make Dinner Preparation a Breeze with Proper Cabinets

Dinner preparation in a kitchen with low-quality cabinets is no simple task. Trying to work around drawers that stick or crowded shelves makes cooking a pain. To make dinner preparation easy again, you may need to have your kitchen updated. Old, outdated kitchens only make your life harder and lower the resale value of your home. But, don’t worry; Discount Kitchens makes buying quality cabinetry easier and cheaper than ever.

More Shelf Space

Getting updated cabinets means getting more shelf space. If you know your current cabinets don’t allow you the room you need to store your food, you can opt to get cabinets with more shelves in them. That, or you can even get a couple more cabinets than you currently have. You’ll likely be replacing your countertop when you get new cabinets. Should you have more space were your last counters ended, nothing is stopping you from extending your kitchen outward. This small extension can really make a difference.

Storage Types

Gone are the days of having only cabinets and a utensil drawer. Drawers are being used for much more these days. Discount Kitchens offers cabinetry with large storage drawers that are great for things that are bigger than your silverware.

Try using the drawers in your Discount Kitchen cabinets for:

  • Storing canned goods. This allows you to easily check what each can is. When you store cans on a shelf, cans in the back often get forgotten about because they’re not easily accessible. When storing cans in a drawer, suddenly, finding the right side for dinner is easy as pie.
  • Storing plates, glasses, or other dinnerware. Storing your plates and such in drawers makes them easy to reach. It’s better for adults ergonomically and it also allows younger family members to help set the table. That allows you to focus on cooking instead.
  • Storing snack foods. For households with children, being able to store snacks in a drawer their children can reach, instead of a high cupboard, is lifesaving. Allowing kids the opportunity to take care of snack time by themselves teaches independence and shortens your to-do list.

Soft Close Technology

Are you tired of your drawers sticking when you try to open them? How about slamming shut when you close them? No one likes drawers that cause more problems than they fix. That’s why Discount Kitchens is so happy to offer drawers and cabinets with soft close technology.

Soft close technology allows drawers and cabinets to close softly and completely each time you shut them. They won’t sit ajar because you didn’t push quite hard enough and they won’t slam. With soft close technology, your cooking experience can feel calmer and less chaotic.

If you’re interested in improving your dinner preparation experience, give us a call at Discount Kitchens. We’ll answer any questions you have about our products to make the shopping experience easier for you. You can also stop by our Toronto showroom and see our cabinets in person.

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