Kitchen Renovation Made Easy

//Kitchen Renovation Made Easy

Kitchen Renovation Made Easy

Planning to renovate your kitchen? Kitchen renovation can be quite a difficult process – especially if you go into it unprepared. Discount Kitchens can make kitchen renovation a breeze. Here’s how we can help.

The Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you may be in the process of working out exactly what to do. 

“Do I replace the appliances? Should we put in a new floor? Should we put in a backsplash?” 

The possibilities are endless! However, one question you should never ask is, “Should I replace the cabinets?” The answer to that is always yes. If you’re going through the hassle of renovating your kitchen, replacing the cabinets is an absolute must.

Kitchen cabinets are the basis around which every part of the kitchen circulates. The floors are fitted around the outline of the cabinets. The backsplash comes down to the surface of the counter. The appliances rely on the cabinets having the right size space to fit them. If you’re going all the way into renovation territory, the cabinets should be updated.

Fortunately, Discount Kitchens offers cabinetry for the entire kitchen for as low as $1500. While it’s not cheap by everyday standards, when it comes to a renovation budget, that’s a really great number.

Kitchen Cabinet Quality Assurance

What makes Discount Kitchens worth buying over a bigger name brand set of cabinets? There are a number of things. Let’s start with kitchen cabinet quality assurance.

Big name brands use their brand reputation to cut corners and overcharge for their low quality cabinetry. Discount Kitchens doesn’t hide behind a big name. We simply build out cabinets with quality materials and assembly methods and charge a fair price. There’s no hidden secret to why our cabinets are given a low price and built with high standards. It just doesn’t cost as much to make quality products as big name brands would lead you to believe.

Discount Kitchens’ cabinets are assembled using quality Canadian materials and using 3 methods of connection: grooves, screws, and glue. Many companies assemble cabinetry using just staples, just glue, or flimsy nails from a nail gun. Because cabinets are only as strong as their weakest link, we opt to use quality connection methods, all at the same time. Spending a few more dollars to make our cabinets last years longer is worth it to us.

Buying When You Need Them

Our cabinets aren’t just high quality and affordable, there are no hefty wait times. We offer our cabinets cash and carry, right out of our showroom in Toronto. When you visit our showroom, you get to see exactly what cabinets you’re buying and can leave with them the same day. Most big brands take up to 6 weeks to assemble and ship the cabinets you’ve ordered. We assemble our cabinets ahead of time and put them on display for customers to look at in person. That means you get zero unexpected surprises upon a delivery you’ve been waiting over a month for.

Because our cabinets are sold cash and carry, you can get them right when you need them. There’s no need to postpone your renovation because you didn’t realize shipping would take 6 weeks. Your new cabinets are ready and waiting!

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