Kitchen Organization Tips from the Professionals

//Kitchen Organization Tips from the Professionals

Kitchen Organization Tips from the Professionals

Keeping a kitchen organized is hard for most people. Let the kitchen professionals help you out with some great kitchen organization tips. From cleaning to shelf setup, there’s a lot that must be kept in mind when organizing a kitchen. Let’s check out some of the most important tips we can offer.

Organize for Cooking

The first thing to keep in mind when organizing your shelves and fridge is to organize for cooking. What do we mean by that? Arrange things in a way that makes cooking painless. For example, keep baking ingredients on the same shelf, with the most common toward the front. For example, sugar should be kept near the front if you use it for many things, such as adding to a grapefruit or baking cookies. However, something like baking soda can be kept further back, as it’s only likely to be needed for recipes explicitly calling for it.

Boxed meals and cans can be kept on their own shelf as well, with less preferred items going closer to the back. Snacks can go on another shelf – at child level or above it, depending on how easily you want them to access snacks themselves.

Countertop Appliance Prioritization

Many people store all of their countertop appliances in cupboard, while others leave them all out all the time. The thing is, you should always make this storage decision based on priority. If you use your blender once a week, it may make more sense to leave it on the counter. However, if you only use your crock pot every few months, save yourself space and store it beneath a counter. 

Decide whether your counter space is more important than your appliance based on how frequently you use it and how hard it is to move between cabinet and counter. If you find yourself grumbling every time you have to pull something from storage, it might be a sign that you use it frequently enough to leave it out. However, if you find yourself constantly struggling to find counter space for cooking on, some things might be better off grumbling about.

It’s Okay to Say Goodbye

One of the most common problems people have with storing things in their kitchens is the inability to say goodbye to things. If you bought a food to try and didn’t really like it, say goodbye and throw it out. Or, if you would prefer not to waste it, ask a friend if they want it. The important thing to remember is: that food item you’re holding onto isn’t getting any more use out of it by gathering dust at the back of your pantry. Therefore, throwing it out isn’t any worse than letting it sit there until it expires. Plus, you have space to gain by getting rid of it.

The same can be said for unique cooking tools or appliances that you thought you would use and don’t. If you’re attached to something that you don’t use, challenge yourself to use it more. If you can’t rise to the challenge, consider donating it to save yourself storage space.

Get Cabinets You Enjoy

More than anything else, having cabinets that you enjoy will make using your kitchen a better experience. Nothing puts a damper on cooking quite like outdated cabinets, warped shelves, and the smell of old wood. Redoing your entire kitchen with Discount Kitchens can be as cheap as $1500. Check out the cabinets we have available right here from out website or by stopping in to our showroom. We offer our cabinets cash and carry so you don’t even have to wait for a lengthy delivery process. Call us if you have questions.

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