Kitchen Cabinets for Storage in Classrooms

//Kitchen Cabinets for Storage in Classrooms

Kitchen Cabinets for Storage in Classrooms

Classrooms come in all shapes and sizes, with all different needs. However, a large number of classrooms have something in common: the need for cabinets for storage. Some classrooms need storage cabinets and countertops for supply storage and laying out homework pages. Others need them paired with a sink for storing and cleaning craft supplies or lab equipment. No matter what kind of cabinets your classrooms need, you can get them from Discount Kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinets with Sinks

A lot of classrooms need cabinets with sinks. These are especially popular in elementary schools where children need easy access to a sink for washing their hands. This keeps them from spreading germs upon return from the playground. It also gives them somewhere to clean up before lunch or to wash out paintbrushes from their art lesson.

However, elementary schools aren’t the only classrooms that need cabinets with sinks. High school biology and chemistry labs, pottery and art classrooms, and home ec rooms all need cabinets with sinks. You might say more classrooms need cabinets with sinks than don’t.

Cabinet Styles for Classrooms

When buying cabinets from Discount Kitchens for classrooms, you’ll be pleased to know you can choose from a number of styles. Just because we mostly supply cabinets for home kitchens doesn’t mean all of our cabinets are glass-paneled, woodgrain beauties. We also offer more utilitarian styles. High gloss finishes allow easy cleaning, while grey colors remain neutral. No matter what style you prefer in your classrooms, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Cabinet Storage Needs

There’s more to cabinetry than just sinks and style. The biggest reason most classrooms benefit from kitchen cabinets being present is the storage. From hand soap to bottles of paint, closely followed by stacks of construction paper, classrooms have a lot to store. Ensuring there’s enough shelf and drawer space can be a challenge. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets offer the perfect balance of storage space and cleanup space.

Base cabinets and mounted cabinets make the most of wall space while the countertops provide lots of space for cleanup. In fact, Discount Kitchens provides custom cabinet storage needs. Instead of buying a set of cabinets that’s already assembled in one set fashion, pick and choose which storage solutions you need most. 

For example, if your class needs a lot of drawer space, you can opt for more drawers. Plus, our drawers aren’t all the same size. If you need wide, shallow drawers for storing large stacks of wide paper, you’ve got it!

Storing drawing and writing utensils in shallow drawers is also more efficient than using shelves. Simply lay out a collection of small plastic containers in a shallow drawer and fill each with different pens and pencils. This utilizes the storage space much better than round pencil cups on a shelf. And, they’re less likely to spill. 

Cabinets for Classrooms in Toronto

If you need to update, replace, or add new kitchen cabinets to your school’s classrooms in Toronto, Discount Kitchens is the place to go. Buy your cabinets today, cash and carry, and cut out that 6-week delivery time you get from other big box stores. Call us if you have questions and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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