Kitchen Cabinets for a Minimalist Home

//Kitchen Cabinets for a Minimalist Home

Kitchen Cabinets for a Minimalist Home

Picking cabinets for your kitchen remodel can be tricky. It’s hard to find something that’s just right for you when everyone’s tastes are so different. This is especially true when your home aims to fit into a specific aesthetic. Today, Discount Kitchens is here to talk about how our cabinets are great for a minimalist home. Let’s see how.

Color Choices

A lot of stores can be hard to shop in when you’re looking for minimalist products. It’s pretty easy to find your run of the mill wood styles, but that’s not really what you’re after. Discount Kitchens is here for you. We’ve got black, grey, and white cabinets to choose from. Greyscale cabinetry is perfect for a minimalist home. It’s neutral and doesn’t get in the way of changing aesthetics. If your sparse decor is leaning towards a blue color palette one month, nothing is stopping you from changing it to red the month after.

Finish Choices

Finish can be just as influential as color in the way a product fits into a style. And, because everyone’s style is different, it’s important that you get to pick what fits you as an individual. Discount Kitchens offers both glossy and matte finishes. So, whether you want your kitchen to shine or sink into the background, we’ve got what you need.

Living Calmly

Part of the appeal of minimalism is calming down from the hectic. Having too many things in your home can make the environment feel chaotic. Storing things away and keeping only the things that matter to you is a great way of feeling at peace with your natural habitat.

The cabinets we offer fit perfectly into this vein of calm living. With our soft-close technology, you can make cooking relaxing again. Every time you shut a cabinet or drawer, soft-close technology will make it shut quietly and completely. Even if you slam a door or don’t quite get it all the way shut, soft-close will finish the job without any slamming. That makes cooking easy. You can focus on your meal without worrying about doors getting left ajar or drawers standing open.

A Great Backdrop

Our cabinets aren’t just great by themselves, picking a neutral and minimalist color for your kitchen cabinets makes them a fantastic backdrop for decor. What better way to make a single decoration stand out than by setting it down on a pure white counter?

No matter what your favorite color is, it will draw the eye. A colorful vase of flowers, a functional box of planted, green herbs, or a handmade piece of pottery will fit perfectly.

Find the cabinets that are right for you and your home at Discount Kitchens. If you have any questions about our products or how to order, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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