Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

//Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

Kitchen Cabinets at Affordable Prices

Is it about time for you to dip into your savings for that kitchen remodel you’ve been waiting for? Discount Kitchens is here to help! We specialize in kitchen cabinets in Toronto and are eager to help you find the cabinets that belong in your dream kitchen.

But replacing cabinetry is expensive! We know it’s no easy task, saving up to completely replace what makes up most of your kitchen. That’s why we make sure our cabinets are affordable.

What Do We Have?

We have a variety of color and style combinations so you can ensure your kitchen looks how you want it to. This includes classic, shaker style cabinets, raised panel, and high gloss! Our white, raised panel cabinets in a 10×10 kitchen can cost as little as $1550!

How Do You Choose?

Our site gives examples of some of the available styles for you to look through as well as prices. If you’d like to see more or view them in person, we have a showroom in Toronto. Visit our showroom and get a look at the best we have to offer.

There you can see how sturdy our cabinets are and test out the drawers and doors to your satisfaction. See how easy they are to open and close! With our soft-close and self-close technology, our cabinet doors and drawers won’t slam when closed. They also won’t be left sitting open just an inch. Instead, they’ll close gently, without you having to fuss with them.

Getting a feel for what you can buy in person will leave you absolutely confident in your ordering decision. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and can be sure that you’re happy with it.

Features You Might Like

Our cabinets are truly made to last. If you like dark cabinets in your kitchen, you’ll be glad to know that all of our cabinets are made with thermal foil. What does that mean? It means they won’t fade or discolor over the years! They’ll maintain their rich, original color as long as you have them.

Not only will the color remain beautiful, our cabinets are also sturdy. Our 100% Canadian made cabinets are put together using three different adherence methods. We use grooved pieces, glue, and screws to ensure they don’t fall apart. The bases of all of our cabinets are also supported with metal brackets. After all, when your cabinets will be part of your home for as long as they will, they need to be built strong!

When replacing your counters, you’ll almost certainly want new countertops as well. It’s great then, that Discount Kitchens offers premium quartz countertops as well! If you like quartz, what better way to end your order with us than by adding quartz countertops? They look fantastic on any cabinet style and you won’t have to wait around for another company. We’ll already know your cabinet measurements and get your countertops installed as soon as possible for an affordable price.

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