Ingenious Storage Techniques for Your Kitchen

//Ingenious Storage Techniques for Your Kitchen

Ingenious Storage Techniques for Your Kitchen

Every family has a unique kitchen with their own set of implements and equipment. However, there is something universal that we can all relate to. Sometimes it’s hard to find the storage we need. With storage techniques being so sought after, Discount Kitchens is here to hand some out for free. Let’s take a look at some ingenious ways you can maximize storage in your kitchen.

Proper Cabinetry

The first thing is making sure you have enough space to begin with. No matter how many storage techniques you employ, if you don’t have enough space, you don’t have enough space. If you know you want to keep all of the cooking equipment and implements you own, you may need to consider better cabinetry.

Space by itself isn’t always enough; it also matters how that space is used. A lot of old cabinets use space inefficiently by putting too many large cabinets and not enough drawer space. Having a good balance between the two ensures you have adequate space for large and small utensils alike. If your cabinets are out of date or don’t give you the space you need, you should consider updating your kitchen with cabinets from Discount Kitchens.

Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Discount Kitchens offers kitchen cabinets of high quality for a low price. Not only are our cabinets cheaper than other brand cabinets of a similar quality, they’re also easy to get your hands on. You can buy them cash-and-carry from our store in Toronto. Everything is ready made and can be bought immediately. No need to wait weeks for assembly. You can get your cabinets right when you need them and without wasting time.

Shelving Additions

Something many people struggle with is being able to access small things in their cupboards. It’s hard to use up canned foods when you don’t know what’s hiding behind the first row. Plus, that’s not to mention how hard it is to organize spices.

Adding a stair-type shelving addition can be life changing. These shelving additions are shaped like stairs and run the length of a cabinet. This allows you to put cans or spices up a little higher with each additional row. When searching through your cupboards, you can now see the labels of everything within.

Spice Racks

If you’re looking to make finding spices easy while saving actual cupboard space, you should consider a spice rack. These come in a variety of shapes and types. Of all the kitchen storage techniques, this one is one of the easiest. There are counter top racks that can rotate, allowing easy searching while baking. There are also small, mountable, wire shelves that you can put on the inner wall of your pantry. These are better for those who don’t bake as often or who want to keep their counter clear.

Mounted Jars

If your kitchen is small and you need to maximize the usability of every space available to you, you can try mounting mason jars. This is easy to do and allows for quick and easy storage that won’t move around or take up counter space. All you have to do is remove the lid to a jar and screw it into the bottom of your cabinets or shelving. Once securely in place, you can fill your jar with anything you access frequently, like ground coffee or sugar, and then screw the jar onto the lid. Mounting a row of jars above your counter can make accessing things easy and fast.

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