How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

//How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

For most people, having a home that feels small or crowded isn’t exactly ideal. One of the rooms in the house that most needs to feel spacious is the kitchen. Because the kitchen is entirely based around functionality, making sure your have the space you need is paramount. So how can you make your kitchen feel bigger and more functional? Let’s take a look.

Proper Storage

One of the things that frequently afflicts kitchens is inconvenient or nonexistent storage. Having storage that’s too small, too big, or too difficult to navigate can make the kitchen hard to keep organized. If you have no room to store your mixer, you might leave it on the counter. If all of your storage space is too big to store spices without them becoming a mess, you may resort to a countertop spice rack.

We should all be able to store our smaller appliances and ingredients with ease. Trying to prepare dinner with an assortment of things cluttering up the counter makes it feel like there’s not enough counter space. The truth is there is enough counter space; it’s just being used as storage space instead of work space.

Discount Kitchens offers a variety of storage types. We have cupboards, a variety of drawers in various sizes, and shelving aplenty. These make it easy to find space for all of your appliances and utensils, freeing up counter space.

Minimal Decor

The next thing cluttering up your counter is decor. People want to make their kitchen look inviting and personalized by adding decorations. The problem with this is that, too often, they don’t consider the effect these decorations will have. There’s a right way and a wrong way to decorate a functional space. If you have a kitchen that’s already small, stick to wall and functional decor. For instance, a handmade or antique pitcher can serve fresh water or tea while still looking like decor. A wall-mounted, mug rack near your coffee pot can display personal taste without getting in the way.

Light Colors

Light colors are universally understood to feel more open. They reflect more light than dark colors and make a space seem less constricting. If you’re looking to update your kitchen, start by considering white cabinets or a white countertop. Having white cabinets in your kitchen will create a lighter and more open space. If you’re not looking to update your cabinetry, choosing a light paint color for your kitchen walls is a great way to lighten the room.

Appropriate Lighting

Making sure your kitchen is lit properly can make a huge difference. Many kitchens have only one light in the middle of the room. If you have an island counter, consider having a main light above that as well as small pot lights above your counters. Pot lights are especially useful for areas with upper cabinetry where shadows gather.

Make use of natural light sources. If you keep your kitchen window covered by blinds or curtains to maintain privacy, consider replacing them with a shade. Certain screen shades let in light without revealing your interior to those outside. These are great for kitchens as you don’t have to open and close them.

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