How Kitchen Counters and Cabinets Affect Kitchen Hygiene

//How Kitchen Counters and Cabinets Affect Kitchen Hygiene

How Kitchen Counters and Cabinets Affect Kitchen Hygiene

You may not think about it much, but kitchen counters and cabinets affect kitchen hygiene quite a lot! Want to know what type of kitchen collects the most bacteria? Discount Kitchens is here to give you some insight into what you should look out for when designing a kitchen or buying a home.

What Is Kitchen Hygiene?

If you don’t know what kitchen hygiene is, you might be overthinking things. Kitchen hygiene is simply how clean your kitchen is. It may also include how clean your kitchen could potentially be. For example, if some part of your kitchen makes bacteria growth easy, it’s bad for your kitchen hygiene. It’s really that simple.

Countertops That Hurt Kitchen Hygiene

You may not realize it, but not all kitchen countertops are equal when it comes to kitchen hygiene. In fact, there’s a clear divide, and we’re here to show you where it is.

Laminate countertops – one of the most common and affordable countertops available – are bad for kitchen hygiene. While they may be alright new, years of use almost always knock them down a rung. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Laminate countertops often have seams. These seams, where two pieces of laminate meet each other, are not watertight. That means they can collect moisture. Plus, when wiping the counter down, all of the junk under your washcloth or sponge is going right over that seam and getting caught. Tons of bacteria, naked to the invisible eye, is going right into that seam to grow.
  2. These countertops are not very tough. A few years of use is bound to result in a knife puncture, small scratches, or other imperfections that collect and grow bacteria.

Countertops That Help Kitchen Hygiene

Now, on the flipside, the best countertops you can get for your kitchen are those made of polished stone or solid surface. Polished stone is seamless and hard to damage. That means fewer hiding places for bacteria over time. Solid Surface has the same perks, and is even mendable with liquid, solid surface compound and sanding.

The Cleanest Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the best cabinets for kitchen hygiene are those with the fewest nooks and crannies. The more intact and the smoother the surface, the easier the cabinets are to wipe down.

Therefore, flat cabinet doors are the best option, though anything that’s not damaged is alright. The worst type of cabinetry for kitchen hygiene are those that are old and dinged up. If your cabinets are old and wooden, there may even be cracks or splits in the wood. All of these cracks, splits, and dings are hiding places for bacteria. Any time something is spilled down the front of the cabinets while cooking, you need to be able to clean it up in its entirety.

Replace Old Cabinetry

If you have old cabinetry that’s negatively impacting your kitchen’s cleanliness, it’s time to replace it. Replacing kitchen cabinets has never been easier or more affordable than with the help of Discount Kitchens. If you need help placing your order, or have questions about our products, call us or visit our show room.

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