How Discount Kitchens Improves Cabinet Accessibility

//How Discount Kitchens Improves Cabinet Accessibility

How Discount Kitchens Improves Cabinet Accessibility

For many people, having an extra accessible kitchen is a necessity. Cabinet accessibility is important to all of us, but for some – the elderly and disabled, primarily – accessibility means more. Getting the right cabinets for your kitchen can be hard when you have extra accessibility needs. Fortunately, Discount Kitchens offers cabinets that make traversing the kitchen easier for those with limited mobility.


For starters, those with limited mobility may not have the coordination or range of motion that abled people have. That can make shutting drawers or cabinets a bit of a hassle. Either you overcompensate and slam the cabinet or it falls short of actually closing. With drawers partially open, you’re then at risk of hitting an arm or hip on on it. If you’re in a wheelchair, it can even block your path.

Discount Kitchens’ soft close technology ensures drawers and cabinets close all the way. What’s more, they do so without slamming. This technology is great for anyone, but it definitely lends itself to cabinet accessibility. Ensuring that drawers and cabinets are completely closed makes moving around the kitchen easier and closing things less of a hassle.


Another thing that improves kitchen cabinet accessibility is having a lot of drawers. Having drawers allows someone to view and reach things in their lower cabinets much easier than with shelves. Shelves in lower cabinetry involve bending over, crouching, or getting on your knees. Those with limited mobility don’t always have that ability. Drawers make it possible to access things without having to crouch or kneel. Even the amount of bending you have to do to access drawers is minimized.

Not to mention, drawers can be used to store any number of things. For those who don’t have the mobility to use higher cabinetry, drawers can take their place. Try storing plates, glasses, and bowls in drawers. Line up cans in one. Kitchen hand towels and washcloths can get folded neatly into one. The usefulness of drawers is only limited by your imagination.


What makes Discount Kitchens different than other cabinet manufacturers is that we offer affordability. Our cabinets are both quality and easy to afford. Other cabinet manufacturers can’t claim the same. To get the kind of craftsmanship we offer from other manufacturers, you have to pay twice as much.

Our affordable prices will allow you to furnish the whole kitchen without breaking the bank. That’s actually incredibly important to accessibility. Renovations or new housing can be hard to afford if those investing in it aren’t able to hold a full-time job or are putting money into other matters of accessibility. Therefore, if you want to outfit your kitchen with cabinetry that you can use with ease, Discount Kitchens is the place to go.

If you have any questions about our services, cabinetry, or showroom hours, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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