Get Yourself a Chef’s Kitchen for an Affordable Price

//Get Yourself a Chef’s Kitchen for an Affordable Price

Get Yourself a Chef’s Kitchen for an Affordable Price

If a small kitchen just isn’t doing it for you, you owe it to yourself to upgrade. The thing is, kitchen renovations are far from cheap. That’s why it’s so important for you to know that you can rely on Discount Kitchens for an affordable price. If you live in Toronto, your kitchen renovation is cheaper than you expect. Get yourself the chef’s kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

More Counter Space

When cooking, having enough counter space is really necessary. Trying to cook in a kitchen with barely any counter space is a special kind of torture. Tired of balancing things in your arms while you figure out where you can set them? Or, perhaps you’re sick of stacking dirty dishes in the sink so you have an extra foot of work space. That’s not to mention how your sink is now unusable.

Don’t limit your ability to cook a meal by not having enough counter space. Extend counters further onto empty wall space. Add an island to make the most of the unused space in the middle of your kitchen. Do it all for an affordable price. After all, there’s little reason for a bunch of wood, screws, and glue to cost a fortune. When you buy from Discount Kitchens, you’re paying a fair price for labor, not overpaying for the fancy brand name.

Sufficient Storage

While counter space is an incredibly important part of cooking, what happens when you’re not cooking is also important. Namely, having a place to put all of your tools and appliances away is necessary. No chef can cook outside the box without having specialized tools. All of these things need a drawer or shelf to call their home.

Discount Kitchens doesn’t just offer basic cabinets; we also offer drawers in varying sizes. Small drawers made for holding utensils are great, but having wide drawers for cutting boards, special tools, and small things that you don’t want to lose is priceless.

Ensure your kitchen has enough space for food, dishes, utensils, appliances, and anything else your food-enthusiast heart desires.

Multiple Ovens

Most chefs dream of a kitchen with more than one oven. After all, it’s a staple in coordinating large meals. Want everyone you know to come to your house for Thanksgiving? Having a kitchen designed to handle the holidays is the first step. However, when you put stacked ovens into a kitchen, you need to put your stovetop somewhere else. Plus, you can use the space beside them for more storage.

Discount Kitchens suggests, for a professional feel, putting your stovetop on an island and closing in your ovens with stacked drawers and cabinets on either side. The stovetop being on an island allows a lot of peripheral space for setting ingredients and tools. Storage lining the space beside your ovens allows for fantastic pan, towel, and oven mitt storage. 

Buy Quality

No matter what you prefer in your chef’s kitchen, you can get it from Discount Kitchens at a phenomenal price. We’ve stocked entire kitchens for as low as $1500. That’s a great price for cabinets that are made to last like ours are. Give us a call if you have any questions about our products or come down to our showroom to check them out in person.

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