Easy Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

//Easy Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

Easy Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. Therefore, it stands to reason that it should be comfortable and feel like it’s yours. However, many people feel like their kitchen is purely utilitarian. They find it hard to customize in a way that makes it feel personal. Discount Kitchens is here to offer some easy solutions so that you can customize your kitchen and feel at home.

New Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest ways to customize your kitchen is by replacing your cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware usually takes the form of a knob or handle. Because these come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes, they’re a great way to customize your cabinetry.

Replacing worn out cabinet hardware is easy. Most hardware is attached with one or two screws through the cabinet door. If you’re replacing knobs with knobs, you can simply unscrew the existing ones and put the new ones in their place. The same goes for handles of the same size. 

If your cabinets have no hardware, or if you need to add a new hole, be sure to use a drill bit to create a hole before screwing through the door. Otherwise, you may crack the wood. If an old hole isn’t in the right place to be used (like if you get a new handle thats longer than the old one), you can fill it with wood putty. This will be visible if your new handles have no base with which to cover it. For this reason, we recommend getting a handle with a base, or finding one that’s the same length as existing holes.

Cabinet Decals

If you want to give your cabinets a bit of extra personality, you can apply decals to them. There are many types of decals. Which type to get will depend on what kind of cabinet finish you have.

If you have a glossy cabinet finish, you may be able to apply window decals to them. These decals require a glossy finish to stay stuck. Be sure to clean your cabinets with grease-cutting spray and allow them to dry completely before applying these. Otherwise, oils from your skin will prevent the decal from sticking properly.

If you have non-glossy cabinets, or just want something more reliable, opt for sticker decals. These can be custom ordered, or bought in existing patterns. They’ll stay stuck to your cabinets as long as you want them. Then, if you get tired of them, they can be peeled off again. Sticker decals areg generally made to be removable without leaving sticky residue behind.

Shelf Paper

Want your cabinets to look a bit more You when you open them? Customize your kitchen cabinets by adding shelf paper or vinyl to your cabinet shelves. Shelf paper may seem outdated, but it’s evolved with the times, like everything else. While shelf paper may bring to mind images of sad floral patterns, like might be printed on paper towels, you can do so much more. Offer some design contrast with black shelf paper. Or, go for some bold geometric patterns. There’s no wrong way to paper your shelves if the design makes you happy.

Replace Old Cabinetry

If you don’t have good cabinets for customizing, wait to customize your kitchen until you’ve replaced them. Old cabinetry can be a huge downer. Not only does old cabinetry look bad, it can actually make using your kitchen harder and less enjoyable. Buy new, affordable, high quality cabinetry from Discount Kitchens. Then, get to customizing your kitchen with a beautiful new canvas.

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