Easily Overlooked Flaws in Kitchen Cabinetry

//Easily Overlooked Flaws in Kitchen Cabinetry

Easily Overlooked Flaws in Kitchen Cabinetry

If you’re planning to buy a new house, rent a new apartment, or remodel your kitchen, there are some things you should keep in mind. Most of what makes a kitchen a kitchen is the cabinets. The cabinets are where all of your appliances will be stored and where your counter top will be mounted. That makes it pretty important that your cabinets are of a decent quality. The problem is, there are some easily overlooked flaws that can plague kitchen cabinetry. Let’s see what they are.

Bad Shelving

One of the first problems kitchen cabinetry can have is bad shelving. Shelving can be bad in a number of ways.

  • Flimsy shelving is the first problem. If you’re going to be loading your cupboard shelves up with canned food or heavy, ceramic dishes, flimsy shelving is a no-go. Check the quality of the shelving in new cabinets.
  • Bad spacing is the next issue. A lot of cabinets will have only one shelf when it should have two, or two when it should have one. The size of the cabinet will determine how much shelving it should have. If every cabinet has too much shelving, you won’t have room for tall cups, boxes, or appliances. Too little shelving is also a problem. In that case, you’ll have a lot of empty space being wasted. There won’t be enough surface area to store small things like spices.

Sloppy Assembly

Check cabinets for assembly quality. A lot of cabinets get assembled in a rush and end up with gaps between the doors where there shouldn’t be. Sloppy assembly can also lead to creaking, cracking, splitting, and finally, breaking. If you see signs of low-quality assembly, it’s time to find some new cabinets.

Because Discount Kitchens’ cabinets are all assembled and ready to go when you buy them, you can check them over. There won’t be any surprises as to the assembly quality of the cabinets you’re buying. Plus, all of our parts and assembly are right here in Canada.

Old Technology

People seem to always overlook this next flaw. With time, we’ve come up with ways to improve cabinets past good material and decent assembly. Discount Kitchens’ cabinets come with soft-close technology. This allows cabinet drawers and cupboard doors to close quietly and completely. No more slamming doors necessary. You won’t have to deal with cupboard doors being left slightly ajar. With this technology, pushing them gently will give them what they need to close all the way and without banging shut.

This technology is easy to apply to any set of cabinets, and yet, many companies don’t bother. Check cabinets for soft-close technology and turn down those without it. There’s no reason why you should be left in the stone age of kitchen cabinets.

If you have questions about our products or want to inquire about ordering, give us a call at Discount Kitchens. We’re happy to help!

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