DIY Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

//DIY Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

Keeping your kitchen in working order sometimes means rolling up your sleeves and doing some maintenance. However, one type of maintenance that’s frequently neglected is kitchen cabinet maintenance. What sort of annual attention should you be giving your kitchen cabinets? Let’s take a look.

Hardware Tightening

One of the most frequent complaints people have about their kitchen cabinets is that the knobs or handles are loose. This is something that’s extremely easy to fix, and the irritant disappears entirely.

Every 6 months, break out your screwdriver and make a quick round through the kitchen cabinets, tightening up the screws on your frequently used cabinet knobs. The screws are located on the insides of the doors and drawers. In fact, while you’re got your screwdriver out, tighten any loose hinges as well. 

Tired of tightening hardware screws? Are your knobs getting loose more frequently than every 6 months or so? If you intend to keep your current knobs or handles, there’s an easy solution. Get a small tube of superglue. With some gloves on to protect your skin, put a drop of superglue on the end of a hardware screw before screwing it back in. Do this with each hardware screw that keeps coming loose. You can still remove them in the future, but they’ll be stuck in place a bit more sturdily. Regular use should no longer loosen them. If necessary, remove them and repeat the process the next time they come loose.

Hinge Oiling

If you find your cabinets squeaking and creaking every time you open them, the hinges simply need to be oiled. When the metal of your hinges gets dry, the pieces rub together unpleasantly. A little oil will prevent the squeaking and also protect them from rust.

There’s more than one way to oil your cabinet door hinges. You can brush some oil on with a paintbrush, inject some oil directly between the parts with a syringe, or use an eye dropper.

Shelf and Door Cleaning

People underestimate how dirty their cabinet doors get. If your cabinet doors don’t have knobs or handles, or even if you simply hold the door directly while perusing the cabinet’s contents, you’ll get a buildup of grime on your cabinet doors. Using a sponge or Magic Eraser, give the edges of your cabinet doors a good scrub. Not only will this remove dirt that discolors your doors, it will also remove bacteria that has no place in your kitchen.

Old Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

If your cabinets are simply getting too old to bother with kitchen cabinet maintenance, it might mean it’s time to replace them. Getting new kitchen cabinets is easy and affordable when you shop at Discount Kitchens. You can see the cabinets you’re getting in person before buying them. Plus, you can buy them the same day, cash-and-carry. Don’t pay an arm and a leg for low quality, name brand cabinetry. Buy long-lasting cabinets for a fraction of the cost at Discount Kitchens in Toronto.

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