Discount Kitchens Vs Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets

//Discount Kitchens Vs Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets

Discount Kitchens Vs Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets

Summer is approaching and spring is already here! What better time is there for updating your kitchen? If replacing your kitchen cabinets finds itself in your remodeling plans, you’ll probably find yourself looking around. But how should you decide where to shop for your cabinets? There are so many options all over Toronto!

Today, we want to take a look at how Discount Kitchens compares with Home Depot. We know Home Depot is a lot of people’s first choice for home improvement shopping. But isn’t it true that that’s because of brand recognizability? Would people still choose Home Depot over their other options if they’d never heard of them?

Let’s break down the various things that make Home Depot so revered and see how Discount Kitchens stands up to them!


One thing that makes Home Depot so great for shopping kitchen cabinets is their variety of styles. Fortunately, we’re glad to tell you that Discount Kitchens has a variety of styles as well! From shakers to raised-panel, from high-gloss to glass-paneled, we have everything you could ask for.


When you’ve got a kitchen bursting with appliances and your favorite foods, you might find yourself short on space. This is where drawers come in really handy. They can store more efficiently than cupboards when it comes to smaller items. They also make it easier to access things that would be out of reach on a static shelf. Discount Kitchens has drawers to match all of our cabinet styles, that way your kitchen will be equipped to handle all your storage needs.

Hardware and Assembly

An important part of buying cabinets is the hardware used in building them. Discount Kitchens takes hardware very seriously! You can see the evidence of our dedication in each set of cabinets we assemble. Each cabinet is fitted with knobs or handles as ordered and that’s not all. We also install soft-close technology in each of our drawers and cabinets. Cabinets will no longer sit open just an inch because they were closed too gently to avoid slamming. They will close softly and finish the closing process without you having to slam the door or drawer.

Our soft-close technology is an important part of our assembly, but that’s not the only part of assembly worth mentioning. Because we want your cabinets to last as long as you want them, we build them to last! Each piece is connected three ways. They’re not only fit with grooves in the wood, they’re coated in glue. But that’s not all! We also screw them together to give them the added stability and strength to endure.

Customer Service

This is one of the most important differences between Discount Kitchens and Home Depot, we think. While Home Depot does have customer service, we have something they don’t. It’s safe to assume Home Depot customer service is good, since their company has kept a good reputation over the years. The most notable difference between us is that Home Depot is a big company. Hiring standards and customer service priorities for a big company are different than that of a smaller company.

Discount Kitchens has the upper hand when it comes to customer service, and that’s one of the most important parts of buying cabinets. Remodeling is expensive and you need reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable sellers. You won’t be one in a thousand customers to call us in a day, asking for help. We will prioritize you! And we think that’s pretty important.

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