Discount Cabinets for Your Commercial Break Room

//Discount Cabinets for Your Commercial Break Room

Discount Cabinets for Your Commercial Break Room

Owning a business means keeping on top of a number of things. One of these things is ensuring your office or other place of business is kept up to date. One area that often gets overlooked during updates is the company break room. Overlook it no more! The break room is a home away from home for your employees. This is their one reprieve during the work day. So, let’s see how you can update the break room for cheap, and why you should.

Company Morale

Something oft overlooked when considering employee performance is the effect of company morale. Having comfortable working conditions, enforcing appropriate behavior among the staff, and being provided with a functional break room are all important influences of company morale. When employees are properly rested, they produce higher quality results. The less stress and discomfort they feel during the workday, the more they’ll be able to conserve energy and focus.

This is why we find it important to pay due attention to the break room. But remodeling a break room last updated in the eighties sounds expensive. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Even if you spring for the cheapest replacements for interior elements, they’ll be better than something forty years old.

Replacing Cabinets

Break rooms don’t usually need a lot of storage space. That’s because the space in the average kitchen is mostly used for appliances, serving dishes, and a stockpile of food. Because of that, you can get away with installing less cabinetry in a break room. Discount Kitchens has fantastic prices on cabinets. Even a regular kitchen, with overhead cabinets and all, only costs $1550 for us to outfit. A break room will cost even less.

Buy Conveniently

Buying cabinets from Discount Kitchens is an easy process. You don’t have to wait for weeks for your order to be assembled and ready. You can buy cabinets ready made, cash and carry, for cheap. We make the process easy so you don’t have to stress about the process dragging out.

Buy Stylishly

Discount Kitchens offers a number of styles and colors. No matter what your break room calls for, we have something that will fit nicely. One of our most popular orders is white kitchen cabinets. They match just about everything and can be bought in shaker style, raised panel, and more.

Buy Quality

All of our cabinets are built to last and Canadian made. Assembled with a combination of wood groove technology, screws, and glue, our cabinets won’t fall apart. Not only are they built to be sturdy, they’re also built to be quiet. Each drawer and cabinet it’s fitted with soft-close technology. They close small distances by themselves and do so gently. No need to worry about slamming cupboard doors with products from Discount Kitchens.

Contact us if you’d like to make an order or come down to our showroom and see for yourself. We’ll be glad to help you however we can!

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