Daycare Kitchen Cabinets That Are Child Friendly

//Daycare Kitchen Cabinets That Are Child Friendly

Daycare Kitchen Cabinets That Are Child Friendly

Building a daycare or renovating your home to include a daycare space can mean a lot of childproofing. One of the most important functional spaces for a daycare is a kitchen or kitchenette. Kitchen space means cabinetry. Discount Kitchens has exactly what you need for your daycare kitchen cabinets. Here’s why our cabinetry is the best choice.

Unbeatable Prices

Running a daycare comes with a lot of expenses, so getting unbeatable prices when starting up is a huge priority. Discount Kitchens offers cabinets that are high quality and low cost. We don’t charge extra for a fancy name brand like some stores do. We simply build quality cabinets and charge a fair price for the materials and labor. That means you can outfit an entire kitchen for as little as $1500. Kitchenettes are even cheaper.

Child Friendly Design

You can get cheap cabinets from other places as well. However, what you get from Discount Kitchens is quality construction as well as child friendly design. What is it that makes our cabinets child friendly?

First, our cabinets use soft-close technology. Not only does that mean the drawers and doors are quiet when they shut, it means they shut completely. Soft close technology means small fingers that find their way inside the door as it’s closing are going to need less care and cause less tears. 

Additionally, because our cabinets are assembled using a combination of wood grooves, screws, and glue, they’re extremely sturdy. This is important when in use around many children. Kids climbing on cabinetry isn’t ideal and everyone knows it should be avoided, but kids are crafty. Turning your back for only a second to handle one child can leave another the opportunity to get hurt. 

Cheap cabinetry that’s assembled poorly can mean a child putting their weight on a drawer will break it entirely. Not only does that leave you with a drawer to repair or replace, the child is likely to get injured. We can all agree that a child succeeding in their climbing endeavor, while less than ideal, is better than breaking something and ending up injured.

Custom Segments for Daycare Needs

Standard cabinets are almost always a cupboard with a drawer above it, across the board. Discount Kitchens has taken a more modern approach to cabinet design. We have different segments that can be combined for unique daycare kitchen cabinet sets. You can opt for standard cupboard and drawer combinations, or a segment with many stacked drawers up to the countertop. If you need larger drawers, stacked drawers that extend above the countertop are your best bet. 

These wide drawers are great for storing things like:

  • Cookie sheets
  • Placemats
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Bibs
  • Small things, like baby food or snacks, that are easy to pick through when stored in a shallow space, rather than stacked
  • Stickers, charts, and other reward system bits and bobs that you don’t want the kids to reach

Ready When You Are

No matter when you intend to get your daycare started, we’re here and ready when you are. Our daycare kitchen cabinets can be bought cash and carry. That means you can come in, ready to pay, and walk out with your cabinets the same day. This is ideal for quick startups, emergency cabinet replacement, or last minute changes. Give us a call if you have questions or come visit our showroom to see what cabinets we have available.

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