Cheap Bathroom Cabinets in Toronto

//Cheap Bathroom Cabinets in Toronto

Cheap Bathroom Cabinets in Toronto

For the majority of bathrooms, a cabinet or two is an essential part of the sink and vanity space. However, if your bathroom cabinets are worse for wear, they might not feel so essential. From peeling laminate to water damage, there are a lot of ways a bathroom cabinet can begin to fall apart. If you’re looking to replace yours, there’s no better place to get cheap bathroom cabinets than Discount Kitchens.

Quality Craftsmanship

The first thing you should know before buying bathroom cabinets is where to find quality craftsmanship. The fact is, most big name brand cabinets don’t provide that. When a brand name can carry you, you don’t really have to put in the legwork. Discount Kitchens doesn’t rely on our name to bring us customers; we build a reputation for quality.

Cabinets from Discount Kitchens are made right here in Canada, using 3, combined assembly methods. Our cabinets are assembled with wood grooves, glue, and screws. These 3 assembly methods ensure our cabinets are strong, durable, and long-lasting. 

In comparison, cabinets bought from a big name brand are often built with thin, breakable pieces of wood. These are usually connected using staples or tiny nails from a nail gun. A year of use can start the breakdown process of the entire set of cabinets. Take a pass on that and rely on us instead.

Affordable Prices

Discount Kitchens is known for our affordable prices. If you want to get your money’s worth, skip the big box hardware store and visit us. When shopping for a kitchen, you can get base cabinets and wall cabinets for as low as a few thousand dollars. A cabinet for your bathroom is only a fraction of that cost.

Custom Cabinet Sections

Especially in larger bathrooms that may have double sinks or need linen storage, bigger sets of cabinets may be needed. If you need more bathroom cabinets than just for one sink, our custom cabinet sections are perfect for you.

Choosing the right sections of cabinetry means you can decide if you want shelving or drawers. You decide how deep your drawers are. If you want a floor-to-ceiling linen closet attached at the end of the counter, you can have that. Our cabinetry is originally made with kitchens in mind. So we offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and storage solutions that can easily be adapted for bathrooms.

A Variety of Styles

Did we mention variety? That’s true of our styles as well. Choose the color and finish that’s right for your bathroom interior. Whether you’re looking for wood grain or a high gloss black finish, we have what you need. Additionally, we offer cabinet doors with glass panels in them. If you opt for that linen closet extension, some glass panel doors would offer a glimpse at your neatly stacked towels. That may not be for everyone, but for those who want to bring a bit of warmth into their bathroom, it might do the trick.

Available Now!

What’s the best part of buying from Discount Kitchens? All of our cabinets are cash and carry. Therefore, there’s no 6-week order and delivery wait time. Simply stop by our showroom, take a look around, and walk out with your favorite cabinets the very same day. It’s that easy. Just give us a call today if you have any questions before visiting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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