Cash and Carry Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

//Cash and Carry Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

Cash and Carry Kitchen Cabinets Toronto

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen soon? Look no further than Discount Kitchens to fulfill all of your cabinetry needs. We have a variety of styles and colors available. Not only that, but there’s no need to wait for assembly. We’ve got a whole collection of cabinets that are ready-made in our showroom. It’s as simple as finding what suits your needs, paying, and taking them home. Let’s take a look at some of what we have to offer from our cash and carry selection.

Design Variety

You don’t have to want in-home installation or overpriced products to want quality and variety. We offer a variety of colors and cabinet styles even if you buy cash and carry. Let’s look at some of what we offer.

  • Black shaker cabinets are just one combination of color and style that you could buy. Black shaker cabinets would look fantastic in a more modern kitchen. If you’re looking to give your kitchen the clean and shining appearance of a truly modern house, try getting high gloss as well. High gloss cabinetry really does a great job showing off how clean and well-managed your kitchen is. It brings a lightness to it due to its reflective surface, even if you get black cabinets.
  • White, raised panel cabinets are another great combination of styles. These cabinets fit in a variety of houses. They’re a very flexible design choice. White kitchen cabinets go well in country and farm houses as well as modern houses. White, raised panel cabinets would look especially nice in a transitional house. This is because this combination of styles properly ties together the modern and the traditional. Their white color would lend itself to the home’s spacious aesthetic as well.
  • Grey, high gloss cabinets are a particularly interesting choice. This mixture of a subtle cabinet color along with the eye-catching sheen of high gloss coating works very well. These are especially good together in something like a basement setting where you want your kitchenette to blend into the background.

Reasonable Pricing

One of the benefits of shopping Discount Kitchens is that we give you both for an affordable price. You can get your entire kitchen furnished with new cabinetry for as little as $1550. That’s a great deal when you consider the quality of the products we offer. But what is it that makes them quality?

Great Quality

The cash and carry cabinets we offer at Discount Kitchens are all 100% Canadian-made. Every part of our cabinets was produced and assembled right here in Canada. These cabinets aren’t just stapled or nailed together though. We know that when someone replaces their cabinets or builds a new home, they need their kitchen to last. All of our cabinets are assembled with a combination of groove technology, screws, and glue. Bottom cabinetry is reinforced with metal L brackets as well. Our dedication is to providing superior cabinets for less! We hope when you come to visit our warehouse, you believe we’ve achieved our goal.

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