Cafe Cabinets That Are Great for Frequent Use

//Cafe Cabinets That Are Great for Frequent Use

Cafe Cabinets That Are Great for Frequent Use

If you own a cafe, you know how much wear and tear a cafe kitchen or bar can take over just a short time. Within a few years, your cabinets can be nearly falling apart. That’s especially true with how many modern cabinets are assembled as cheaply as possible. If you’re ready to replace your cabinets or outfit a new cafe with cabinets that will last, here’s how Discount Kitchens can help.

Sleek, Modern Cabinetry

Many current cafes are aiming to look somewhat modern. Whether that means contemporary or industrial, we’ve got the cabinets for you. Of particular interest are our black cabinets. Black cabinetry fits in in almost any setting and helps surrounding decor and color to pop out. Plus, you can get black cabinets from Discount Kitchens in high gloss or matte finish. If neither of those does it for you, go for the standard low gloss finish you’re used to.

Want to show off shelves of mugs or cool cafe equipment? Opt for cabinets with glass-paneled doors. These are great for cafes with a somewhat raw interior design, as they allow that sense of openness that patrons have come to expect.

Designed for You

Every kitchen requires something a little different to be successful. For your cafe, that might mean lots of shelved cabinets. Or, it might mean lots of drawers. Some cafes might need an island and enough cabinetry to circle a large kitchen. Others simply need a bar counter and a prep counter. No matter what style of cabinetry you need, you can get what you need from Discount Kitchens. Our cabinets are easy to pick and choose from, combining the elements that matter to you specifically.

Made to Last

Cafe cabinets get a lot of daily use. Pulling out and returning ingredients to their shelves, moving around equipment, retrieving dishes, and more have you opening and closing cabinets for many hours a day. As you might expect, cheap cabinets, assembled with staples, will quickly break down. A drawer with the bottom falling out isn’t exactly conducive to a successful cafe.

Instead of wasting time and money on faulty, shoddily-built cabinets, invest in some cabinets from Discount Kitchens. Not only do we charge less for our cabinets, we put more into them. Our cabinets are Canadian-made with wood grooves, glue, and screws, meaning you can trust them to outlast the wear and tear of a busy cafe.

Available Cash and Carry

What’s more, our cabinets don’t have a long and painful order wait period. When you shop from overpriced big box stores, you’ll often find yourself with 6 weeks to wait once your order is placed. Instead of putting the growth of your cafe on hold for an unnecessary wait period, drop by our store today and pick out the cabinets that feel right for you. You can buy them cash and carry, taking them to their new place in your cafe the same day you fall in love with them.

Call us if you have any questions or concerns relating to our cabinetry and we’ll be happy to help!

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