Bringing Together Cabinetry and Decor

//Bringing Together Cabinetry and Decor

Bringing Together Cabinetry and Decor

While not everyone has one specific kind of decor, everyone does have their own personal decor style. Whether that’s no decor or tons of it, we each have our own unique preferences. When it comes to bringing decor into the kitchen, it can sometimes be a battle between two clashing styles. This is especially true if your cabinets are what were originally in the house when you moved in. After all, not every part of a house will be to your liking. Sometimes, the cabinets are less than you hoped for. Remodeling your kitchen, or simply replacing the cabinetry, can be a fantastic opportunity to remedy this difference in tastes.

Consider the Future

Because cabinetry can be pricey, it’s best not to rush into style choices unless you’ve already put a lot of thought into it. While Discount Kitchens offers cheaper cabinets than our competitors, the price is still worth considering. So, while choosing your cabinetry, consider the future of your kitchen decor.

Do you have a tendency to change styles every once in a while? Do you tend to shift color schemes every year or two? If so, it might be best to choose a neutral color for your cabinets, like black or white. This ensures you always have a blank canvas behind any decorations you put up in your kitchen.

Black and white cabinets are also great if you plan on selling your home before the next remodel. Your future buyers will appreciate having cabinets that their own kitchen decor won’t feel out of place with.

Choose Design Wisely

The type of cabinet design you go for can also clash with your decor, no matter the color. A very square type cabinet design, like what we offer for some of our shaker cabinets, will not look especially good next to more dainty decor.

Our glass paneled cabinets, on the other hand, would compliment smaller decorations nicely. This type of cabinet is also great if part of your decor is your dishes themselves. Display collectable plates or handcrafted pottery in a cupboard you can see inside of.

Now, what squared-off, shaker cabinets are great for, it complimenting bulky, simple decor, or even no decor at all. Bold, heavy decorations like pottery, utilitarian knife blocks, and neat stacks of cookbooks all go well with shakers.

Prioritize Happiness

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying something pricey for a remodel is how it makes you feel. If you think something might go better with your style, but it doesn’t give you the same joy as another type of cabinet, pick the one that makes you happier. After all, you can choose new decor for your kitchen for a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle than replacing lackluster cabinets!

Give us a call or check out our Toronto showroom if you’d like to learn more or place an order.

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