Black, Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen Upgrade

//Black, Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen Upgrade

Black, Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen Upgrade

Going cabinet shopping is an exciting part of the kitchen renovation experience. After all, your cabinets make up the majority of your kitchen. Replacing them means laying the groundwork for a completely new look. If that look involves black, wood cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. Discount Kitchens offers cabinets of all styles for affordable prices. Here are some reasons why black wood is the way to go.

Black Shaker Cabinets

Black shaker cabinets look fantastic in contemporary homes. If you love a high contrast look in your kitchen, black, wood, shaker cabinets are a great place to start. 

Shaker cabinets are a classic look, with in-set panels in each door. Black is a very contemporary color for kitchen cabinets. Wood grain has been in-style and beloved practically forever. Combining the timeless with the new in these 3 forms makes one great set of cabinets. 

High Gloss Shaker Cabinets

Not positively sold on wood grain? No worries! We have black cabinets in other styles as well. For example, you could get black, high gloss cabinets instead. High gloss and shaker cabinets go hand in hand for a really stellar product. Black, paired with high gloss, means a sleek, dark kitchen.

The glossy surface of these cabinets reflects plenty of light, keeping the kitchen bright and comfortable. The dense depths of black create a rather serious looking interior that can be contrasted with lightweight decor.

These cabinets are also great for people with a penchant for high cleanliness. Some people find white sterile, and this puts them off. Black is a great alternative, going the opposite direction and making a room feel more personal.

Why Shaker Cabinets Are Timeless

Whether you opt for wood grain or high gloss, the one sure thing is that shaker cabinets are the way to go. Shaker cabinets may seem simple, but that’s exactly the best part of them. Shaker cabinets have been a timeless fixture in countless kitchens since they were invented. Why is it that they stick around? It can’t just be their simple appearance, right?

The primary reason why shaker cabinets are so popular is because they’re easily crafted with smaller pieces of wood. This is because each door is made up of 4 side pieces with a thinner panel in the middle. Because smaller pieces of wood are more readily available, they’re also more affordable. That means shaker cabinets, with their timeless appearance, also cost less than many plainer alternatives. And they look better too!

Give us a call at Discount Kitchens or visit our showroom if you’d like to see some of our black, wood, shaker cabinets. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to check the other articles on our website or ask us directly.

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