Black, Glass-Paneled Cabinets for Luxury Kitchens

//Black, Glass-Paneled Cabinets for Luxury Kitchens

Black, Glass-Paneled Cabinets for Luxury Kitchens

Everyone has different ideas of luxury, but one of our favorites is the combination of modern, black interiors with timeless accents. One such combination is taking the classic glass panes of cabinets past and combining it with contemporary black. Let us tell you a bit about the benefits this look brings with it.

Affordable Cabinets in Toronto

Firstly, you should know that, no matter what style of cabinets you’re after, you can get them at a great price from us. Discount Kitchens is the best place in Toronto to get cabinets that are high quality and priced fairly.

We don’t make cabinets that look good and break fast. We make cabinets that look great and last for ages. Assembled completely in Canada, our cabinets are made with local high quality materials. And, unlike many competitors, we don’t use staples or tiny nails to hold our cabinets together. After all, cabinets are only as strong as their weakest link. We rely on wood groove, screws, and glue. All three make some incredibly strong cabinets that will serve your kitchen well.

Why Glass-Paneled Cabinets Are Amazing

When it comes to black, glass-paneled cabinets, perhaps the most amazing part of them is the glass paneling. You’re surely familiar with cabinetry with glass windows in the doors. These panels are more than just an aesthetic choice, but aesthetics can’t be ignored.

  • Glass-paneled cabinets allow you to display dishes in a practical place. They turn the orderly contents of your cabinets into subtle decor for your kitchen.
  • You can also be deliberate about your cabinet decor. Instead of storing plates in glass-paneled portions of your cabinets, opt for pottery or vases instead.
  • Additionally, glass-paneled cabinets make it easy to see what dishes are available without having to open and close every cabinet door.
  • If you’re more interested in function than decoration, you can use the glass-paneled portions of your cabinets to store food. This won’t look quite as nice as a neat stack of dishes, but will allow you to see what’s available and check what you need to buy more of at a glance.

The Benefits of Black Cabinets

Black cabinetry is more than just attractive. It also offers a more serious and formal appearance to your kitchen. The depth of the color also allows you to contrast decor. Imagine the impact of putting a vase of bright, colorful flowers in front of a black cabinet.

Likewise, you can also contrast the solid black of the cabinets with eye-catching hardware. Rose gold-colored knobs would look fantastic with them. Just be sure to compliment this combination in other parts of the kitchen. A similar color in sink faucet would help to spread the look throughout.

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