Affordable Apartment Kitchen Cabinets

//Affordable Apartment Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable Apartment Kitchen Cabinets

After decades of use, many perfectly good apartment buildings begin to lose tenants because the apartment interiors begin to age. No one wants to live in an apartment that looks and smells like 1970. However, if the bones of your building are still in good shape, regaining tenants is as easy as giving the visual elements of your apartments a simple facelift. Here are some of the ways affordable apartment kitchen cabinets can change the fate of your apartments.

Visual Update

An important part of drawing the interest and attention of a potential tenant is by giving them something visually appealing. If someone walks into one of your apartments to see what they look like, you don’t want to offer them something outdated and unattractive. 50-year-old cabinets are a huge turn off for potential residents.

When you replace old apartment cabinets with affordable apartment kitchen cabinets from Discount Kitchens, you get a great visual update. The first impression of one of the most important rooms in the house will be much improved with colors and design that fit in with this decade.

Functional Improvement

Not only do years hurt the appearance of kitchen cabinets, they also hurt the function. Old kitchen cabinets are susceptible to a number of damages, even when well cared for. The fact is, apartments are often not as well cared for, as the tenants don’t usually plan to stay there for more then a few years. Decades of people moving in and out of an apartment and not worrying themselves about the long-term effects of their actions leads to increased aging – as if 50 years wasn’t aging enough!

Buying affordable apartment kitchen cabinets to replace your outdated ones means providing cabinets that function better. If new design strategies don’t improve functionality, replacing damaged cabinets with brand new ones certainly will.

Erasing Damage

Apart from typical functionality updates, old cabinets also sustain a lot of damage over time.

  • Cabinet door hinges get rusty
  • Hardware becomes loose. Retightening screws will only work so many times. Eventually, the screws will begin to strip and won’t stay tight. Likewise, the holes through the cabinet doors and drawers will widen from repeated friction, making hardware with tight screws loose anyway.
  • Cabinet shelving will begin to warp, droop, and bow from the weight of heavy food and dishes.
  • Drawers will begin to squeak when opened and closed. The tracks may also get tighter or looser as the frame of the cabinets shifts. This can lead to drawers repeatedly coming out of their tracks or becoming difficult to open and close.
  • Water or liquid damage from food spills, sink leaks, and much more can cause discoloration and stains on cabinet shelves.
  • Apartment kitchen countertops – most of which, in apartments, are laminate – sustain dents, nicks, scratches, splits, laminate peeling, and more. Not only can this lead to hygiene issues, it’s unattractive and unappealing to work on.

Improving Prices

When it comes down to it, getting affordable apartment kitchen cabinets from Discount Kitchens is the best way to keep your apartments relevant. Whether you replace only the cabinets or do full kitchen remodels is entirely up to you. Just remember: the more effectively you update your apartments, the more you can update your prices to this century as well. Give us a call if you’d like some help ordering from Discount Kitchens today.

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