Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

//Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

Adding an Island to Your Kitchen

Cooking is a part of almost everyone’s daily routine. If you have more floor space than you need, you should consider adding an island to your kitchen. Adding an island to your kitchen means an all around improvement to your cooking and eating experience. Here are some of the reasons you should consider the upgrade.

More Counter Space

The most obvious bonus to adding an island to your kitchen is getting an increase in counter space. Anyone who cooks can’t get enough of the stuff. After all, who wants to be constantly moving things, switching out equipment, and stacking things in order to make room? 

No matter what part of the cooking process you’re on, you should have room for all current endeavors. Space to chop, room for your mixer, and a place for both your dry and wet ingredients bowls. This is all possible when you have enough counter space. Adding an island means making sure you have all the space you need.

Increased Storage

Speaking of space, storage is also highly valuable. This is especially true if you love to cook. The average kitchen may need room for ingredients and mixing bowls, but a cook needs room for all the fancy equipment they use on any given day. For some people, specialized tools may gather dust once the novelty wears off. But, for those with a passion for the craft, those tools come out regularly to make a tricky recipe a bit easier. Decluttering isn’t an option when your tools aren’t amounting to clutter. So, you need a place to put them.

When adding an island to your kitchen, you’re giving yourself that much more cabinet space. In fact, being separate from the other cabinets, it can even become a specialized storage area, specifically for cooking tools.

Additional Cooking Space

Not only do you get additional counter space, adding an island to your kitchen can also mean more cooking space. That is, you can use your new countertop space to install a grill or stovetop. For avid chefs, there’s no such thing as too much cook space. Your old stove can house 4 pots while your new stove or grill can handle the fast-paced cooking. Use your old stove and pots to cook up some oatmeal, grits, and homemade syrup, all while your grill tackles the bacon and pancakes that require constant attention.

Breakfast Bar Opportunities

If you enjoy cooking for family or friends, having a breakfast bar is a must – especially with that new cooking space! That bountiful breakfast has to get eaten by someone, right? How much better is it when you can scoop a pancake off the grill and put it right onto the plate across from you? Eating and cooking just got a lot more social!

Affordable Island Cabinetry

Adding an island to your kitchen means buying two things: cabinets and a countertop. If opting for none of the other bells and whistles, these are the things you need. You can get both for an affordable price from Discount Kitchens. We don’t compromise on quality when we choose a fair price tag. If you want cabinets that last, get them for cheap and get them cash-and-carry from Discount Kitchens in Toronto.

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