2019 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Cheap

//2019 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Cheap

2019 Hottest Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Cheap

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? Maybe you’re building a custom home or moving to a fixer upper. No matter your reason, Discount Kitchens has what you need! But before you get to the buying part, you might want to consider how your design choices will fit in with trends.

Why do trends matter? If you plan to sell your home anytime in the next five to ten years, keeping it up to date is important. The better your home’s interior fits into modern trends, the better its resale value will be.

Doing Away With Sterile

One trend that’s been hot for the last decade is an all white kitchen. Something about that clean look was very appealing to many! But this year’s sales seem to say all white is all out!

Instead, designers and customers have been gravitating toward black and grey. The darker tones lead to a cozy kitchen and invite beautiful and eye-catching decor. Discount Kitchens has a selection of grey and black cabinetry in many styles. Pick the ones that suit your interior!

The other thing that’s out is stark lighting. Pure, white lights make an atmosphere cold and sterile-feeling. This year, we’re moving into warmer, more inviting tones. People are glad for a workspace that feels like an extension of the home rather than stepping into a restaurant kitchen.

Softening the Aesthetic

Along with softening lighting and colors, people have also been moving away from glossy finishes. Matte is growing in popularity due to its softer appearance. Without the constant shine, your kitchen will feel like it absorbs more light rather than reflecting it all. Matte is easier on the eyes and makes it easier to focus on decor.

Although matte has become popular, we know it’s not everyone’s finish of choice. Therefore, we do still offer glossy finishes for those who find it’s their cup of tea!

Utilitarian Decor

While it once might have been typical to find a kitchen counter decorated with statues, flowers, or candles, trends have shifted. 2019 is bringing with it utilitarian decor!

Due to the popularity of buying handcrafted, artisan products, people have been wanting to show them off! Handmade, copper pitchers, wheel-made pottery, and knives sharpened by a whetstone are worth showing off.

Quartz countertops are also on-trend and make a great backdrop for whatever decor you choose to set out! Discount Kitchens offers quartz countertops. We also offer glass-paneled cabinets. So, if you don’t have room or like your counters clear of decor, opt, instead, to keep your artisan goods on display from the cabinet!

All of our products are available for viewing at the Discount Kitchens showroom in Toronto. Give us a call or drop on by if you have questions or would like to order some of our reasonably priced cabinets.

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